[Manga Rock] The app is not working. What happened?

What happened?

Over the last few hours, many of you have reported that images are not loading at all, the viewer is only showing blank pages. We looked into the issue immediately and discovered the problem right away. Long story short: Mangable.com has changed the way its server handle images loading requests. They have implemented a new filter that only allow image loading from its own website Mangable.com, other requests will not be allowed to go through.

We ourselves are caught off-guard in this change as many of you have known, Mangable.com and Not A Basement Studio have had a partnership for quite sometimes.

What are we doing?

We are contacting Mangable.com right now to resolve the issue. This could take a few hours for things to go back to normal. Meanwhile, We are switching Manga Rock’s source temporarily to mangareader.net. For this change to take effect, you can either go to Info tab –> Reset application then relaunch OR re-download the app again (WARNING: doing either will cause you to permanently lose all of your downloaded manga).

We may, however, switch permanently to either Mangareader.net or other sources if Mangable.com’s servers proved to be too unstable for Manga Rock users.

Furthermore, we have decided to compensate for all Manga Rock users by making our other manga app Manga Rock MF FREE with no ads at all.

What can you do for now?

While waiting for Manga Rock’s issue to be resolved, we suggest that you guys download Manga Rock MF (sourced Mangafox.com, FREE, no ads) or Komik Connect (multiple-sources, FREE) to enjoy your manga.

Once again, we apologize for any inconvenience caused, and thank you all for your support. We’ll keep you updated as we have more info.



6 thoughts on “[Manga Rock] The app is not working. What happened?

  1. To everyone who use mangarock better write down list of your manga download so far before reset your app (if you decided it). So you don’t regret later. Its hassle but useful. Trust me

  2. good response! However, on reading on my computer, mangafox causes my computer to crash. Will it do this to my iPod?

  3. Mangafox has given my computer a virus and shut it down in the past, will it do it on the iPod as well?

  4. Hi I don’t know what happend but when I re-download the app it did something and now it’s telling me I have to pay for it again….. Iv tried sending a email to u all but it’s not working so can u tell me what to do because I do not want to pay for this again I love this app and I would hate to have to go back to my computer to read manga.

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