Manga Rock MF is now available for download. iPod nanos await!

That’s it. No more waiting. Manga Rock MF is finally HERE! The app will be available for download  from this very moment. In celebration of Manga Rock MF’s launch, we are having a special promotion:

1. The app is FREE to download. In-app unlock’s price is reduced to only $0.99 instead of the normal $2.99 during the first 4 days (September 17-20)

2. We are giving away 2 spanking new iPod nano’s to 2 lucky participants. How to win them? Read on:

Via Twitter:
  • Follow @notabasement on Twitter
  • Tell your friends about the contest, or simply retweet: “Giving away 2 #iPodnano for the launch of #MangaRockMF -free manga app for iPhone. Follow @notabasement & RT to win!”
Via Facebook:

The giveaway will last exactly one week from the 17th to the 23th of September. We will be the judge, and winners will be randomly picked. The first winner will be announced on the 20th of September on our website, Facebook, and Twitter. The second winner will be announced on the 24th of September. Terms and conditions applied.

That’s it guys, what are you waiting for? Download Manga Rock MF now, win iPod nano’s and get ready to lose tons of sleep!



67 thoughts on “Manga Rock MF is now available for download. iPod nanos await!

  1. I eagerly downloaded this app and unlocked it the moment apple let me…
    But it needs a patch fix and fast. With as little as five downloads in the queue I found the app crashing and resetting everything (having to repopulate and favorites all gone). Not good.

  2. Follow up: I tried queuing up Fairy Tale chapters and it worked fine. Could be manga specific as it only crashes when I tried to queue up my favorites Gakuen Alice chapters.

  3. @Mel: we have tested it out on our devices and couldn’t reproduce the issue. Mel, please restart your device and launch the app again, it should fix the problem for you. Please let me know whether it works for you, thanks :)

  4. Yay finally :D
    Just one thing though can we export our fav mana and downloaded manga from manga rock to mangarockMF? It’s going to be a little trouble since i fav quite a lot of manga XD

  5. I’ve noticed that Manga Rock MF seems to have less manga than the actual mangafox website. I know that nothing on the website is licensed since they removed all of those mangas earlier this year. Any reason for the missing manga or is that number an error?

  6. The Reset button comes with a warning that says only reset if Manga Rock becomes sluggish. Does it mean if I have thousands of chapters downloaded, it will be sluggish?

  7. Hi, is there a way to get informed about new updates without going to the mangafox website? How long does it take for the app to catch up with the source? For example, a new chapter of Amagami just got uploaded on Mangafox and it was instantly available in MangaDL. On the other hand, the latest chapter of Negima got uploaded for half a day at least and it still hasn’t shown up in Manga Rock MF. Over than that, it’s a great app.

  8. Just downloaded the app and I am very happy with it, but I can’t purchase the unlock for some reason. It keeps telling me that it can’t be unlocked yet.

  9. I’m having the same issues as Mel did, the app randomly crashes and whenit does all my queue downloads are gone along with all the anima I have downloaded. But the storage seems to be wrong even if I have nothing right this moment.

  10. How mana manga series are available in Manga Rock MF? Is it more than the original Manga Rock?

    And btw there a lillte green arrow at the top left corner and when you hit it, a bar drops down and shows you the category such as Action, Adventure etc , I want to ask what the “book” icon and the one next to it means? (both on the same bar as Action, Adventure etc and to the very left)

  11. Also where are Bleach and Naruto. I cant find them on Manga Rock MF even though they are on Mangafox website. Isn’t Manga Rock MF supposed have any manga that are available on Mangafox?

  12. Hi there, Manga rock MF do not have one piece nor other great mangas that are available on manga rock. Why is that so? I unlocked it hoping that it have the same or even more manga.. Please include them please.

  13. Will this app be updated for the ipad or will you release a “Hd” version? To know if I want to unlock it.

  14. I like the app gents, however the speed which we are downloading from MRMF is redonkulous. ON MR 1.4 I was able to redownload the entire Negima library in about 4 hours, I started the moment MRMF came out and I am not even half way done.

    Maybe a patch is needed for this, I hope it is forthcoming at least.

  15. @Dave: the download speed may be affected because of the large volume of download during the first few days. Please let us know whether it is still slow after a few days or so :)

  16. @Terence: Manga Rock MF is based on, which does not have one piece or other titles that belong to Viz Media. However, with over 6000 manga in the directory, i’m sure you can find very good manga to read :)

  17. @Hieu.tran: thanks man

    btw you should check again. Naruto and Bleach are up and available from mangafox but they are not on Manga Rock MF. Please fix! cheers

  18. Can you manually update the chapters list? It seems to take quite some time before the updated mangas on mangafox actually display in the app.

  19. Can anyone answer my previous question? Does Manga Rock get sluggish if I was to have thousands of chapters downloaded?

  20. Hi I’ve tried multiple times to unlock and give you money. All fail while connecting to the app store. I can connect otherwise just fine. Installed on a 3rd gem iPod touch. Thanks, hope it works eventually.

  21. @Reiki That’s what I did, but so far, it seems that it takes a really long time (hours) for the app to sync with the website. Or could it be an isolated case?

  22. @anothercat: hi, the update should appear almost at the same time as the website, just that you need to restart the app for it to receive the update. If you are using iOS 4, please remember to kill the process in the multitask bar (hold the HOME button and delete it). After that, relaunch the app and your update should be there.

  23. @M2: Hi, it maybe a problem with the Internet connection, please make sure that you have a stable internet connection and try to unlock it again. It may takes a few times. This has nothing to do with us, but a connection to Apple’s servers.

  24. When ever I have something downloading it keeps making me lose Internet connection when nothing is downloading my Internet is perfect WHAt Do I do????????? 0plz help

  25. Can’t get it to work with Isnomnia v3.2.1 on OS4.01. How do u all allow MRMF to download in the background after phone is locked?

  26. This a great app. Just unlocked the app. But as someone said before,mangafox now has naruto, bleach etc, but the mangarock:mf does not have the naruto etc. Is it supposed to be like this? Or are you guys still updating? Thanks in advance.

    P.S. Really enjoyed your program.

  27. Hi, please can you get all the good manga such as naruto, bleach etc from manga rock to MF. Then I will unlock it. Most of the mangas in MF are unknow ( I think ) I want those good mangas in MF or the original manga rock seems better. PLEASE FIX IT!

  28. @hieu.tran: I know this sounds silly but can you fix the manga titles in Manga Rock MF. I mean like “Ge -good ending” to “GE – Good Ending” or “Kimi no iru machi” to “Kimi no Iru Machi” “Get backers” to “Get Backers” etc you get the pictures.

    I mean basically make all those titles similar to the ones in the original Manga Rock. It has all the first letter in each word capitalized reasonably. It bugs me just looking at the change in Manga Rock MF meh. Cheers

    ONE IMPORTANT QUESTION: Why is it that the original Manga Rock has all the licensed mangas while Manga Rock MF does not. Is it because the old Manga ROck use source from ? I like the old one and Manga Rock MF is definitely better in term of quantity and quality but you just have to fix the title things that I mentioned above and then all good. For now I’m using both Manga Rock and Manga Rock MF simultaneously.

    BTW do you think you can add the function to auto crop image size? like in MangaDL in the next update?

  29. Hi do we expect to see the next update for the original Manga Rock? I mean I would love to see some feature from Manga Rock MF in Manga Rock like you can search with

    And also the picture preview from Manga Rock MF is bigger than Manga ROck like you know when you add a manga to your favorite and then go to the favorite section you can see the name and a picture preview next to it. I would like to see the picture from Manga Rock to be same as in Manga Rock MF

  30. Does Mf not support the multi tasking feature of OS 4.X.??? If I que something to download and then try to surf the web, or even if I lock my phone it stops Downloading. Seems kind of silly it can’t download in the background.

  31. Hi, I can’t seem to upgrade. Every time I click “Unlock Now”, I get the message “You are not authorized to purchase from AppStore”.Is there a country restriction? I’m from Malaysia.

  32. @Bloodari: we would love to add that feature in the future, when Apple allows it. For now, they only allows some specific functions to work in the background, and background downloading is not one of them. None of the other manga is allowed to do it right now. I hope that answers your question. Thank you for your understanding.

  33. @zenkilye: because Manga Rock MF has over 6400+ titles that contain many awesome manga that you would not find in the original Manga Rock, and vice versa. The $0.99 discounts is still valid for another 12 hours, so you should get it now :)

  34. @Seiya-chan: on your iPhone/iTouch, go to Settings–> General –> Restrictions and turn off the restriction. This will allow you to purchase from the App Store :)

  35. Hmm… Problems I’ve been facing are:
    1) app crashes whenever I tried opening it w/o Internet access
    2) unable to download manga (tried 2 different series and both made the app crash). Note that I’ve tried all available ways of DLing- add to DL; clicking on specific chapter
    3) catalogue never stop loading/ updating even after 15min
    4) touching on any button usually hangs e app for 1min or more, or worse makes it crash.
    It got so frustrating that I ended up going on Mangafox Mobile site to read the manga.

    For the Nth time, I’m using iTouch gen1, iOS3.2.
    Looking forward to advices/ fixes soon…

    Thanks again for the great app.
    Would really appreciate if MR &/or MRMF is made more compatible with users stuck with iOS3 though.

  36. Sorry, forgot to mention that I’ve already unlocked the app successfully (getting a pop up window which thank me for my purchase means it’s successful right?).
    Thanks :)

  37. Sorry again for flooding.

    Just want to express my thanks to the producer(s) for including the “completed” manga list in MRMF.
    Really appreciate you guys for listening to users’ feedback and doing what you can to give us the best experience with using your app. :)

    Pity I haven’t the chance to make use of it yet… :(

    please keep up the good work! :)

  38. Any chance of a feature being added so we can turn the updating of the catalog off until we tell it to update?

  39. @hieu.tran:
    opps, sorry. Thought that by posting here, everyone else with the same problem may view your advice together :p
    anyway, I’ll email you should I have other major problems. Thanks :)

  40. I had both Manga Rock n Manga Rock MF already on my iphones 3GS!
    So any different of the new Manga Rock Unity?
    And it mention is for Ipoh?? Not for iphones?

  41. I got ur application on ipad..
    it’s kinda good..
    just it’s kinda missing something important on the menu..
    like ” My Manga , or Comic ” so u can know what comic that we’ve already have..

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