Manga Rock MF – A few clarifications

We have got quite a number of enquiries regarding Manga Rock MF, so we will dedicate this post to answer some of those.

1. Is it an update to Manga Rock? Or is it a new app?

Manga Rock MF is a separate app from Manga Rock that has more features, namely a huge library of manga from, a filter by alphabetical, rankings, status, and categories, overall app performance enhanced  and various tweaking etc.

2. Why did you choose to make it a separate app?

There are a few reasons why we chose to make Manga Rock MF a separate app from Manga Rock.

Firstly, it’s a technical reason. Manga Rock was meant to be a uni-database app, meaning when we first designed it, we only wanted to support Only when went down did we see the need to add support for other databases, which proved to be difficult. We tried adding the whole MangaFox library (almost 6000 manga vs. OneManga’s 1000′s) inside the existing Manga Rock, it couldn’t even finished loading the catalog. We tried to tweak it, messing around with memory handling, it did succeed populating, but took a whooping 6 minutes (!), and after that, the app was very prone to crashing, be it searching for a manga, let alone reading and downloading it. That’s when we decided to just scrape it, and rewrite Manga Rock from the inside out.

It may look similar to Manga Rock, but Manga Rock MF is a whole different beast. Now, populating those 6000 manga only took roughly 45 seconds on an iPhone 3G. We added a categories and status filter, that helps searching for your manga greatly when you have a library that big. Also, the viewer is revamped in a big way. We were shocked to find out a chapter in to have a staggering 1600+ pages (Dark Green, chapter 2). Obviously it crashed on the old Manga Rock, but for Manga Rock MF, it was no problem. Let’s not forget about the bugs and crashes, we fixes those too. So in general, we are pretty happy with our decision to remake Manga Rock MF from a technical perspective.

Now let’s go to a user’s standpoint. We feel that, with the state of things as they are, with closing down and god-know-when others will follow suits, having a separate apps allow us and you to have more flexibility in getting our manga. What if Manga Rock go down (it will no longer use in version 1.3, more on that later) for some reasons, then we still have Manga Rock MF as a back up manga sources or vice versa. That’s why we think our reason for having Manga Rock MF as a separate from Manga Rock is once again justified, from a user’s standpoint.

3. So what is the pricing for the app? Does current users of Manga Rock get it for free?

As far as we can foresee, Manga Rock MF will be a free app, with an option to unlock premium features (unlimited downloads, favorites, recent etc.) for a small price ($3). We do know that many of our existing users of Manga Rock will love to have the 2nd app to explore the manga from Manga, so we are holding a launch promo for Manga Rock MF, during the first 3 days of the app launch, the in-app unlock will be available for only $0.99! We will announce the launch date before hands, so mark your calendar, tell your friends, and get ready for some sleepless nights!

4. What will happen to Manga Rock? Will you guys drop the support for it now that has closed down?

We plan to continue support for Manga Rock. We actually have started working on Manga Rock 1.4 to bring its feature up to par with Manga Rock MF, but seeing that we have make considerable changes in Manga Rock MF, it will take a bit of time to make it ready. As for the manga source, we have changed the manga source in Manga Rock in 1.3 from to It has a very good directory that is similar to OneManga and updates daily. Check it out if you want.

5. What about Manga Rock for iPad?

We are in the process of developing it. It will be built from the ground up. We don’t like half-baked products. We are not doing it like iMangaX or MangaDL, who just simply make the app bigger to fit the screen of an iPad. There’s a reason why they call it an iPad and not Huge iPod touch, and the UI design is important in delivering the best user experience. That’s what we are doing. More info about it will be available soon.

Update: You guys can register here to be one of the first to get Manga Rock MF once it is on the App Store.

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15 thoughts on “Manga Rock MF – A few clarifications

  1. This sounds great :D

    I use this app And I love it :D I can’t wait for both the 1.3 update and manga rock mf! Which I will download and immediately after purchase the extra features. Keep up the awesome job!

  2. Manga Rock HD, I bet that users who purchased Manga Rock will have to pay again. Good thinking, why not make seperated app to download from just one site and make them pay everytime, instead of a single app to download from many sites like Manga DL.

  3. @Minh: I think Manga DL is a good app. Better than the rest of the manga app. But it does have limitations:

    1. You can’t have more than 10 manga in the download queues. For Manga Rock, it is unlimited download queue.
    2. You have to add a chapter to download in other to read it. You can’t read something that is not in the download queue. Not for Manga Rock.
    3. The UI layout is bad.
    4. Manga DL is a paid app. You don’t get anything until you pay for it. Manga Rock is a free app that allows you to read all the available manga in the catalog, the in-app purchase is optional.

    But again, don’t get me wrong, I’m not saying Manga DL is a bad app, all app has its short coming somewhere, but you are welcome to try out Manga Rock, since it is FREE ;)

  4. Will it only include manga that is readable in MF? I know that some titles aren’t accessible because of licensing. Mangable seems to have these titles though.

  5. I really hope it has Yaoi XD im really looking forward to this app. Mangafox is my favorite manga site^^

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  8. I already purchase MangaRock before. Later I reset my iphone, which all apps deleted. I already download MR. How to unlock without paying?

  9. @Amirs: Don’t worry about unlocking again, you will not be charged. Just press “Buy now”, and key in the same iTunes account that you used to purchase it before, and the app will tell you that you have purchased it before and can download it for free :)

  10. Okay so I downloaded the app and for whatever reason three of the manga I’d like to read can be found on and not on the application, is there a way to get these manga on the app? (Yes I did buy the Manga Rock MF one)

  11. Hi Phil,

    Chances are the manga that you can see on and not on Manga Rock MF is those that are licensed in the States and thus is unavailable inside the app.

  12. Well the manga is Koibana Onsen and I don’t think it’s licensed, here’s a link to it, I noticed it with some other manga but I think some of them were added recently because when I first got the app it only had 6100~ manga and now it has 6600~

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