Manga Rock MF 2.0 is now on store!

Version 2.0There you have it, Manga Rock MF 2.0 is now officially available on the App Store. We have improved things quite a bit with this new version. Here’s the full change log:

For version 2.0, we are bringing the awesomeness back to Manga Rock MF! We have worked really hard to make the manga reading experience on Manga Rock MFeven better in this HUGE update. A whole bunch of new features were added, many annoying bugs were squashed, so the app just feel much more solid now. Manga Rock MF is now a completely different beast.
1. PERFORMANCE! Many parts of the app have been significantly finetuned, making it much more stable and zippier! You will see HUGE difference when populating the manga library for the first time.

2. FIVE CONCURRENT DOWNLOADS! Yes, you heard that right, we have successfully ported the famed manga download manager from Manga Rock Unity into the palm of your hand. Manga Rock MF now support up to 5 chapter downloading simultaneously. It even works in the background. Oh, get ready to be surprised at the downloading speed!

3. UPGRADED MANGA VIEWER. You can now swipe to next or previous chapter, making the reading experience much more fluid.

4. We did some minor UI changes to the manga chapter list. Chapters are now displayed in descending order. You can now “Download All” of the chapters with just one tap. You’re very welcome!

5. We have modified the “Info” tab to make it much more usable. Now you will be able to read the latest “News”, or send us a “Support” email right within the app. We have also added badges for both the “Info” tab and the application itself.

NOTES: As we have changed Manga Rock MF substantially, normally that would mean that you would lose all of your favorite, recent and downloaded manga. But we are nice, so we have worked even harder so that you still have Favorite and Downloaded manga (moved to Archived). Unfortunately, we can’t keep your old Recent, so do keep an eye on that. Also, we have migrated to a newer, much faster server so that you can receive updates way faster than ever!

Again, thank you everyone for your awesome support, without you, there wouldn’t be Manga Rock MF!

So download and update your version of Manga Rock MF , and read away! On a side note, Manga Rock 2.0 is still in review by Apple, even though it has been submitted a full week before Manga Rock MF 2.0. We’re not sure what’s going on here, but we will let you know immediately as we have more info.



11 thoughts on “Manga Rock MF 2.0 is now on store!

  1. Whoa OoO awesome!! I would be cool if you could do the same for the original manga rock too.

  2. Out of interest, how long does ‘Importing data. Please wait.’ take? Been quite a while now!

  3. After upgrading to MF 2.0,I’m left with only a handful of mangas to read after it finished importing.what happened?

  4. About 100 minutes so far! One Hard Reset of the app later, and the message has gone. All favourites lost, but can be reconstructed :)

  5. yes, as has been already suggested: Re-Install the app.

    I had the same issue this morning, just now, I followed ptlenguyen’s suggestion and got the full list from MF. Now I can enjoy One Pece at last !!

    Yipee !

    Thanks a lot !

  6. That worked for me (hard reset to get rid of importing message), thanks!

    And it works, it finally really works even after stopping processes! My favorites are still saved! Finally :D

  7. Looks like the last current chapter for Gakuen Alice is stuck on downloading. So far, all other chapters seem to be working except that last one.

  8. I’ve noticed that certain chapters are refusing to download :[ but all in all the app doesnt crash! fantastic work here guys.

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