Manga Rock MF 1.2 is available!

Our hot fix for Manga Rock MF has arrived.

1. Fix a bug where the app will crash when add to download

2. Fix the black pages of downloaded manga

Update your app now to enjoy tons of manga on Manga Rock MF!



21 thoughts on “Manga Rock MF 1.2 is available!

  1. Nope, still can’t enjoy it. I still have the same bug from when I first bought the app where nothing saves to favorites/downloads and the app restarts itself as if for the first time when killing processes.

    The only app I ever bought that never worked properly for me since day one.

  2. Ever since I unlocked manga rock its completely stopped working, whenever I click on a manga the thumbnail won’t load, and when I click on a chapter the pages don’t load, they just stay black. Could you at least warn people the app doesn’t work before they unlock it.

  3. Thank you almost all of them work now, but any chapters I read, found black, deleted, then redownloaded in 1.1 are still black in 1.2
    Ai Yori Aoshi ch.1, Chang 123 ch 55
    oh and all of Mx0 and Angel Densetsu are black

  4. Same here. Hajime no Ippo 903 is black. If I deleted 903, move to 904, and click the back arrow to move back, it crashes.

  5. Is this use MangaFox source or still OneManga? because some manga app that place MangaFox on their application unable search Bleach, when open the site I can read Bleach. Thx.

  6. May I know how about the duplicated download chapter issue as well as the fact that we have to re-enter all our favorites and re-download all the files that we had every time we reset the app? This might seem trivial but at the rate we’re resetting the apps to fix bugs or install updates. This is now a MAJOR pain…

  7. I just purchased the manga rock mf for 0.99 thinking that it would already be unlocked because as far as i know with the things i have read here it should be free for download. Since i paid, i am expecting that it is already unlocked but when i tried to use the “recent” feature i was told that i need to unlock the app for 1.99. What’s up with this? I need to pay twice?

  8. This app has bad loading problems. On Manga Collection MF, they have manga for World’s strongest disciple and Fairy Tale updated. Here, it’s been stuck there for like a month. Fix this!

  9. Having issues with black screen chapters for every chapter I’m downloading of “Ai Yori Aoshi” and something is wrong with the mange “My Little Sister Can’t Be This Cute” where there are like 2 chapter 8′s, 9′s, 10′s, 11′s, and 12′s and some of the doubles are random chapters like chapter 18 is the first chapter 12. I’m just curious if this is an issue with my app or an issue other people are having? Also, what can I do to fix it?

  10. Every page i’m downloading turns black. This is annoying and i hope you’ll fix it soon!!
    I really love this app but there are always these problems. I finally want to have a manga reader without problems…

  11. Hi,

    this is just due to loading or network connection problems. We’re looking into it now. Thanks for informing us! :)

  12. Hi there! really love this app and unlocked it a day after downloading (:
    but certain mangas seem to be having problems during downloading
    for eg, Koi de oshigoto! chapter 2 stops downloading at 31/32 and all the other chaps cant proceed.. Seitokai Yakuindomo chap 31 cant seem to start downloading..

    Hope u guys can solve the problem and make the app run more smoothly! thanks! ^.^

  13. Hi,
    this is one of my most used apps
    But there are some chapters that I try to download
    but no matter how long I wait the loading bar does not move

  14. The app won’t turn on for me, can you help me please? I updated it and everything, but it hasn’t worked on the last update or this new one. I mean, I paid five or so dollars for it and I really want to be able to read some Manga.

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