Manga Rock MF 1.1 is here! Just in time for Christmas!

After a long waiting time, Manga Rock MF 1.1 is now here. One of the biggest features we’re bringing to MF is BACKGROUND DOWNLOADING. You no longer need to leave the app open to download your favorite series anymore!

Full update notes:

* Pull-To-Refresh catalog.
* Added a new setting to enable to auto-refresh content when the app is started up.
* Download manga even when the app is in the background.
* Added Redownload button in Viewer.
* Bugs fixed.

There you go, update your version of Manga Rock MF and enjoy your favorite manga this holiday season! Cheers!



4 thoughts on “Manga Rock MF 1.1 is here! Just in time for Christmas!

  1. I can’t read manga anymore and it won’t refresh my downloaded manga.When i want to read a chapter the screen turns black but when i click on the “refresh” button it wont redownload and when i click on the “see all pages” (don’t know how it’s called) button the pages are viewable. Please fix it.

  2. Still broken for me :(

    So not happy.

    App resets itself no matter what every time I close it down from processes. No favorites saved, no downloads saved. Paid for what originally was a free version.

    Definitely not happy.

  3. SAME not happy at all verry disappointed can’t even use the app crashes and when i restart it no fzvourites no downloads nothing And yes i re-installed ,reset and all that shit and same error im going back to manga DL

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