Manga Rock is now on the App Store!

At long last, after god-know-how- many sleepless nights, our dreams have finally come true!

…2 weeks ago, we submitted Manga Rock for review for the first time. We were all excited. The kinda excitement that is similar to the first time you were gonna confess your love to your crush. Nervous. Thrilled. Finger crossed.

… a week after that, we got a rejection email from Apple. Heartbroken. Shattered. But that didn’t keep us down for long. We were too deeply in love.  We fixed whatever necessary and resubmitted right away. Fingers crossed, again

One day. Two days. Three days. I checked my email every single hours. On my laptop. On my iPhone. Nothing, except the occasional Apple Store receipts… Wanted to yank my hair out, but I guess that would be too cool for some so my hair is still intact, for now.

… 12 hours ago, my friends asked me out for a drink. Something in my guts told me to stay home… I’ll just follow my guts for now.

…5 hours ago, I got an email from Apple saying “Your application  has been approved for sale”. I almost did not believe what my eyes are seeing! Estatic! I called the the rest of the team. Screaming on top of my voice. My love has answered me back.

… 30 mins later, it’s ON. OH YEAH! It is right there. On the iTunes App Store. Just awesome!

I can’t describe how great we all feel to get through everything to get here. I know it is still only the beginning. But hey, Manga Rock is our first child on the App Store. We have the right to be excited, to look on the App Store, and giggle, and run around and show it off to people :P

Thank you all for supporting us, we appreciate it.



5 thoughts on “Manga Rock is now on the App Store!

  1. I am one of your first buyers and wrote the first review on german app store. Nice app even though I’d have loved to see some basic filtering (isComplete, genre, year,…) on manga list. If the download servers wouldn’t be so extremely slow and unreliable I would have given this nice app a rating of 4 instead of 3. Feels a bit weird to pay for download then notice it’s so slow that you have to run Manga Rock for 20h+ to download 2 series (1 big, 1 small) and it’s still not finished. From the first series several chapters were missing, too.

    Still I recommend the app to every manga fan, if you get the download fixed I’ll be updating the review for sure.

  2. Hi Sunhaq,
    Thank you very much for your support for Manga Rock! For the manga filters (complete, genre, year etc.), we are definitely taking that into consideration for the next version of Manga Rock.

    As for downloading speed, we do not host any contents on our own servers. All manga are from, therefore downloading speed are only affected by two factors: Onemanga’s servers and the speed of your Internet connection. It is, therefore, out of our control regarding downloading speed. I suggest, however, that you can try connecting to other networks and see if there is an improvement in downloading speed. Please keep us updated on the matter, as we value your feedback to make Manga Rock an even better manga reading experience.

    Hieu Tran

  3. Hi Hieu,
    People say: “All things are difficult before thay are easy”, anyway you passed, but you still work hard in front.
    Though I’m not use your app. because of no IPhone (he..he..), but your demo is so wonderfull. Hopefully, you will develop this app. for many other OS (ex: symbian, window for mobile…)
    I’m proud of you.

  4. Hello Hieu

    Thanks for the information. I will upgrade my rating as soon as Apple allows me access by publishing it since I understand that download speed is not your side of the issue. After testing the app for 2 more days I must say, I really enjoy it. Great job, best app i bought in 2010.

    I have a few more suggestions that might improve the user experience, at least it would in my eyes:

    1. Allow to start/stop downloads. I only want to download when the iPhone is on a WLAN. My mobile phone provider limits monthly downloads to 5GB, after that it gets slowed down a lot. My only option at the moment is deleting the download queue when I leave and readding the files using the catalogue when i am back home.

    2. On the catalogue filter system I described on the post above, add an option to only show downloaded mangas. This allows the user to read informations and status of downloaded mangas. The downloads -> downloaded page does not have that info. Currently you have to check downloads to find out what offline mangas you have, then go to catalog and search those series to look up any info.

    Linking from the download list to the info page would work as well.

    3. Allow the user to bookmark pages or let the app keep track of what page has been read the latest and make that information available somewhere, eg in the manga list. Personally I have a hard time to remember what chapter of what manga I have been reading, especially when it’s several mangas that get updated irregularly.

    Thank you for reading this, kind regards.

  5. Hi Sunhaq,

    Thank you for your suggestions! We are glad to see that you really enjoy using Manga Rock! We will definitely consider your suggestions to be implemented in the next major update of Manga Rock.

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