Manga Rock iOS 2.0 – Coming soon


Today, we are thrilled to announce the biggest update to our Manga Rock on iOS platform – which will hit the iTunes App Store sometime next week. So, read on to find out more about this update.



The Downloader in Manga Rock was the best of its kind with fast speed & multiple downloads. In 2.0, we push the limit even further by rewriting the downloader from scratch.

The new Downloader is not only faster, but also more stable. Manga Rock can now continue to download, even after you shutdown the app! The downloader also gets a whole lot smarter:

When the app is running:

- Utilize full networking speed
- Ensure all network requests are on high priority
- Higher download priority given to chapters that are being read

When the app is not running:

- Automatically change to slower speed to reserve battery if the device is not plugged in
- Automatically stop downloading when the device is connected to cellular network or running low on battery
- Download will resume when device is connected to WiFi again
- Automatically send notification to you when a manga is downloaded



Ever wonder what to read next when you finish a long-running serie? Manga Rock 2.0 proudly introduce our new Discovery System: we’ll recommend manga that you may like whenever you finish a manga, or when the current manga has no new chapter yet.

All recommended manga are personalized based on what you and others are reading. Manga in your Favorites & Recent will be excluded from the Recommended list. Better yet, the recommendation engine will get smarter once you use it more.


140425_ScreenshotForBlog_3All manga are now shown with a big, beautiful cover, providing a much more pleasant browsing experience. Cover View is available in Catalog, Favorites, and Downloaded. You can also tap and hold the cover to add the title to Favorites, or delete it from Downloaded.


In this update, free users can unlock more downloaded slots for FREE: for every Tapjoy offer that you complete, you’ll get one extra downloaded slot! There’s no limit to how many slots you can unlock, so tap away!

Other enhancements include:

- You can now edge-swipe to go back to the previous view (iPhone only)
- Auto-hide bottom bar when scrolling in Catalog, Favorites, and Downloaded (iPhone only)
- Faster searching across manga sources
- Faster Backup & Restore
- Added back all sources and many manga titles for those users who were affected by the removal of content in previous version
- Fixed many bugs and crashes


This 2.0 update is only available for users with iOS 7.0 and above. It is because many new features in this update are made possible only with the latest APIs in iOS 7 SDK.

For iOS 5 & 6 users, you can still use the current version as usual. Just remember to backup your data to iTunes so you can still restore the app once you accidentally remove it.

We expect Apple to take around one week to review the app. Once the app launches, we’ll let you know immediately. That’s all for now! Don’t forget to follow our Facebook Page to get all the latest news.




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