Manga Rock coming to Android!

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Yep, you saw it right. We’re bringing Manga Rock to the Play Store.

“Make it available in Android” – Roger DancingSkittles

“My sister has it on her iPhone & I can tell there’s nothing as good as this on Android!”- Antoine AKfourseven HeiLong

You guys have been asking for an Android version of Manga Rock for a while. However, the fragmentation problem of Android and the technology gap between Android and iOS prevented us from delivering a top-notch manga reading experience.

Since the release of the latest Android updates, coupled with solid devices like the Galaxy S4 and HTC One, we believe it’s time Manga Rock make its debut on the Android platform.

In the last few years, we have been making and refining every aspect of Manga Rock – we started with the iPhone, then the iPad, later added support for multiple sources and languages. Every single feature in Manga Rock was carefully thought out and developed with one singular mission: delivering the best manga reading experience on mobile.

Over 2 million users have been reading manga on their iOS devices. This July, Manga Rock will deliver the best manga reading experience, on Android.

Early Access

Hate waiting? Join our Early Access list now:

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