[Manga Rock apps] server error: resolved.

Dear Manga Rock users,

There has been a server error that affected all Manga Rock apps since yesterday:

  • Users that updated the app: there are no new updates at all for any manga titles.
  • New users who just downloaded the app: There are only  a few titles available in all Manga Rock apps.

The problem has now been resolved , please follow the steps below to get the apps working properly again:

  • Users that updated the app: Just pull to refresh to receive new updates for manga.
  • New users who just downloaded the app: Please go into Setting –> Tap “Reset application”, then relaunch the app.

Thank you for your understanding, and we are very sorry for the inconvenience caused.

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4 thoughts on “[Manga Rock apps] server error: resolved.

  1. The same problem has been happening again. Is there a server issue, recent updates do not show the latest issues?

  2. This has been the case especially for Mangafox. This has been happening for the last 2 days. While the internet showed the latest updates, this did not happen for the ipad when I refreshed. Please check if there’s been a server issue. I downloaded many stories & prefer not to redownload again.

  3. I’m getting 1/0 in MR Unity, the server fix is not done fully right yet, the updates of new issues are not reflected despite i reset the application. Please fix it.

  4. I tried resetting the application on the newest available version, still doesn’t show as many chapters as are on the Mangafox website.

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