Manga Rock Android coming back next week

We are very excited to announce that Manga Rock Android is coming back on the Play Store next week. After looking around and exchanging info with other developers, we found out that it will usually takes Google’s automated system months to reinstate the original version. Knowing that, we’ll release a new and better version of Manga Rock Android, instead of waiting around and unable to push any update to existing users. So read on, and find out what’s new!

Data migration

As we have said, the old version of Manga Rock is still being held back by Google. This will be a new version of Manga Rock Android – meaning existing users will need to download this new version to get new updates and features. And NO, you won’t have to re-purchase the app, nor will you lose any data! We already have a plan for the migration process. More info will be available when the app is released next week.

Backup & Restore

This is one of the most requested features ever for Manga Rock. With the new MR Cloud Backup & Restore features, you’ll be able to keep the same Favorite, Recent and Personalized settings across all of your devices!

  • You can sign up for the MR Cloud via Facebook, Twitter, or email.
  • You can link up to 5 Android devices, and later iOS devices in one account as well.

SD Card support

This is a much requested features for Android users, you can choose to save downloaded manga in either the device’s internal memories or external memories (SD Card).

WiFi-only download

This option will be added into the Personalized Settings and is set as OFF by default. Once turned ON, the app will only download manga with WiFi, and you can still read manga online with 3G. Better yet, downloading via WiFi will enable up to 4 concurrent downloading queues, just like the iOS version.

More sources

We are adding 3 new sources to Manga Rock this time:

  • Itascan (Italian)
  • MangaTube (German)

That is all for now guys! We’ll have more info regarding the migration process for existing Manga Rock Android users once the app launched next week. Thank you for your support, have a great day everyone!

The NAB Team