Manga Rock and Manga Rock MF 2.6 are available now!

You can download these updates here:

Below is the full changes log:

New features:

  • Add read/unread indicator: Users can easily track down which chapters have been read or unread
  • Add Hockeyapp: This is the best bug/crash tracking tool. It will help to collect all crashes/bugs report. Eventually, we can identify, fix all the bugs/crashes, and improve the app quality.
Bug fixes:
  • Bug that prevent users from seeing new notifications.
One more thing:
As much as we want, Manga Rock apps still have bugs and crashes. Thus, we will continue updating them for new features and bug fixes. Just one little request from us: when you see new updates, please proceed to download them A.S.A.P. It takes only 5 seconds. That’s all! Thanks for your great support.




52 thoughts on “Manga Rock and Manga Rock MF 2.6 are available now!

  1. Just wondering, why does the manga rock mf version have the advertisements? :( I thought it was suppose to be ad-free? Just wondering why after I hap updated the all.

  2. My screen is kiddywonkus as well. It’s off center I don’t think resetting helps, a fix is seen in the horizon yes? Otherwise great app!!!

  3. Thank you I love the app. But after downloading the update the list of manga (popular, alphabetical, and new) where pulled down and to the left making the names of the manga unreadadle and the part that separates the genres was unledgeble

  4. Could you please fix menu by the 27 november please? And I can’t seem to get Kuroshitsuji on Manga Rock or Manga Fox, please fix it too. Kuroshitsuji is a manga and its also called Black Butler. Thank you!

  5. After downloading the update I can’t read any new manga because the chapters won’t show up. I can only read stuff that I’ve already read!

  6. Whatever you do do not reset the app. Doesn’t help the problem and cannot refresh the catalogue!

    Love this app but how did this slip thru?

  7. After i downloaded this update I’m sometimes unable to open the right chapters and im unable to delete anything. the app just freezes and then it has to start over, it always happens when i try to delete a 2nd chapter. After i restart the deleted chapters are all back?? Previous version worked great! But now its kinda annoying, please fix this

  8. I agree with everyone else it messed up on updating and there are green dots next to my chapters of the ones that I have already downloaded they disappear when I refresh the list but no other changes it has also been kicking me out when I’m about half way through reading a chapter

  9. After I upgrade my screen became off center and resetting doesn’t seem to work. Since it wasn’t working I decided to uninstall it then reinstall it. It still looks off center but now it doesn’t even show any manga, plus it says I didn’t upgrade it. PLEASE HELP ME!!!

  10. It wont let me update my list =\ Also some of easygoing scans manga have not been up dated in a few weeks -.-’ sucks lots coz they do the best manga.

  11. Whoa, super broken update on iPhone 4S/iOS5. Things that didn’t work:

    * Pull to refresh
    * Kill and restart app
    * Reset app (this actually did nothing at all)
    * Restart device
    * Reinstall app

    From here it looks like your content server is borked or something. However, everything seems to work on iPad 2/iOS4.

  12. This WAS the best app ever, please, upload the prevoius version, was really awesome, this new version doesn’t work :(

  13. Same as the previous comments, the app is nearly completely broken. Most of the time it doesn’t refresh the catalog (infinite loading wheel…), and it won’t load mangas with a huge collection of chapters (Naruto, One Piece, Bleach, several hundreds of chapters, the app says it’s downloading manga informations but the loading never ends).
    It seems to work better with “small” mangas, with only a few dozens of chapters.

    I have the same problems with MR MF. iPhone 4S/5.0.1, MR unlocked.

  14. I forgot to mention that I have the same issues on my iPad1/5.0.1. And I’m connected to a rock solid Wifi network, connection speed and stability OK.

  15. When Can the app be fixed :/ I really wanna read new manga. There’s also a bug when you press the arrow to specify what kind of manga you want, all it shows are 2 boxes and black lines. & when you press the search bar and close it the whole entire screen shifts to the left. Those are all the glitches I found probably more but have it fixed asap please $: thanks.

  16. Have not been able to use Manga Rock or manga rock mf since I updated to ISO 5.0.1 on iPhone 3GS
    Can read news updates
    Pull down manga updates

    View favorites list
    View manga
    Scroll to far down the full list

  17. It’s horrible!! Since that stupid update nothing works anymore! My catalog is broken and i can’t choose any categories anymore because it just shows one categorie i can’t even read! I am really annoyed and angry! PLEASE fix it! It’s as chester said: It WAS a great app 

  18. Noticed a manga disappeared from my list after I deleted it from my favorites. Didn’t show up for a day or two and I kept updating the sources. Also, some chapters will not download. I’ve confirmed the chapter exists via safari but the chapter will not download. Even though the chapter prior and after downloaded fine. Won’t read oline either. Tried deleting manga and downloading it again to no avail.

  19. The app keeps crashing now when I try to read, and I’m having all the same problems as everyone’s described in previous comments. Nothing works. Please fix it asap.

  20. It would be great if you can fix the app as fast as you can, please. How long would it take to fix it does anyone know?

  21. The pull-to refresh does not work.
    My new chapters aren’t being shown until I go to the individual manga.
    I also cannot see my favorites, as the app crashes in about two minutes an then when I open it again it crashes again.

    The catalog has an issue with update 2.6, it has nothing to do with iOS 5. However, I do think that the issue with the favorites is with the iOS 5.
    Also, is it normal that the app’s download meter is now black instead of orange? Just wondering.

    Thanks! This app has always been great, but please try to make it more compatible with iOS 5 and fix some of the bugs

  22. The update was on November 24th now it’s the 13th of December… When Will this app be fixed? i Really want to read…

  23. i updated mangarock latest update last night on my ipodtouch 4th generation and the app keeps crashing, wont even go past the loading screen…is this a bad update and i should wait for a newer update to repair this…or how should i go about it?

  24. Update still hasn’t fixed the most glaring issue with Manga Rock MF, the annoying ad space. I’ve previously paid to get rid of those, but that early December update reactivated them.

  25. Updated the app a few minutes ago, now it will not open. It will show the logo and then closes by itself. tried re-downloading still the same issue.

  26. Once again the update was horrible, & there was no fix what so ever. All the app does now is show the logo & then crashes. Not A Basement Studio should focus more on 1 – 3 apps rather then releases a whole bunch of new ones. Just my opinion but hey, a lot of users still use Manga Rock etc.

  27. As with the last four comments I cannot open Manga Rock MF. I just get the opening screen and then it crashes. I was able to live with the off kilter menu but now I can’t use it. I’m waiting on updating the other manga rock app till this is resolved.

    (By the way I have a 2nd gen iPod touch running 4.1.2)

  28. Same as everyone else, when the new patch came out to realign the catalog I downloaded it. Now the app crashes as soon as the logo comes up. We really need a new update as I have nothing to do in my 1st hour math class anymore.

  29. Just saying I don’t know if it’s just me but after your latest manga rock full version update I can no longer open the application as soon as I click on it it opens for 3 seconds then crashes I am using a 3G iPod touch

  30. Hi, I downloaded your latest update, and the app crashes immediately. Have tried reinstalling the app, etc. No dice. I see from other comments that users are experiencing the same problem. Please do help fix this. Thanks!!

  31. why does my manga rock and manga rock mf doesnt working anymore after i update it :( it wont even open to browse some manga.. It automatically close when i click the icon :’c please help :’c

  32. I have the same problem, Manga Rock MF wont open after getting the latest update. Please, fix it soon.

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