Manga Rock and Manga Rock MF 2.4: Same price, more features.

Version 2.4 of both apps are available for download today. You can get them here: 

Manga Rock 2.4
Manga Rock MF 2.4

  • The app no longer supports iOS 3. Only devices with iOS 4 and above are allowed to upgrade to version 2.4.
  • Same price, more features:
    • Premium features such as Favorite and Recent are now already included in the FREE version of Manga Rock and the $0.99 version of Manga Rock MF.
    • Still, you can unlock the in-app purchase to have Download Manager. With it, you can pre-download all your manga collection and read them later, anytime, anywhere.
  • We have created a totally new Support Center for our apps. The support center features:
    • All articles for common issues and tips & tricks for our apps.
    • Searching for solutions for an issue you’re having.
    • You even can suggest a new features for our apps. Later on, your suggestions will be rated by other users. Based on the popularity and importance of the feature, it will be implemented in the future release of our apps.

Thank all for your amazing support!



6 thoughts on “Manga Rock and Manga Rock MF 2.4: Same price, more features.

  1. All my manga disappeared when i updated…WTF i cant even remember them all! Thought that issue was fixed ages ago.

    And where do we suggest new features?

  2. I downloaded the new version and when I try to open the app it would load but shut itself down. I don’t wanna delete the app and Download it again because all my manga will be gone.

  3. What you should add:
    Folders for both Favourites and Downloads.
    That filter search needs a double click so it wont include… Lets say shounen, action, comedy but i dont want anything with adventure to come up.

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