Manga Rock and Manga Rock MF 2.1 are now available for download

Ever since we put out Manga Rock Unity for the iPad, we have had a lot of positive feedbacks for the app. It was designed specifically for the iPad and the reading experience was top notch. You guys love it, but many of you wish that we could have made Manga Rock and Manga Rock MF into a Universal app to make it look like Unity on the iPad.

We think it’s a valid request, so we’re giving it to you: today, both Manga Rock and Manga Rock MF 2.1 are available for download and they are now Universal app!  You can read the full change log for both below:

iPod Touch and iPhone version:
1. New Catalog View: we learn that many users only read the top 100 manga. Thus, we make “Popular”, previously known as Ranking in previous versions, as the default view for our Catalog. “Updates” tab is also changed its name to “Latest”. 

2. Categories filter: it has been redesigned to be more usable! The categories list is now expanded into 2 lines for easier navigation. It is quick and painless!

3. Pull-to-refresh for Manga Info View: Have you ever encountered problems such as chapter list not loading, or the list containing many duplicate chapters, or a chapter containing 0/0 page, etc. Simply pull to refresh in the Manga Info and Chapter List View, everything will work fine again!

4. Add back the “Reset application” button: “Reset application” can be found again in Info tab. Once in a while, you may find the app becoming sluggish or just want to free some spaces for your devices! Go ahead and press this button, the app is good as new!

5. Various bugs fixed.

iPad version:
In short, if you have used Manga Rock Unity before, you will find version 2.1 of both apps quite similar. Off course, we do redesign the app interface to make it consistent with the iPhone version.

If you never use Manga Rock Unity before, it’s time for you to explore these awesome function:

1. Ultimate reading experience with the Book View! Simply turn your iPad into landscape mode, Book View will be activated  and show 2 pages at a time. You can even flip to turn pages as you do with an actual manga book. Many other viewing options are also available for your preferences.

2. Beautiful iPad app design: an simple, elegant and yet very intuitive design! Try and you will  love it.

NOTES: If you have unlocked the iPhone version, just unlock it again in the iPad version without extra cost. Unfortunately, we can’t sync your Favorite, Recent or Downloaded in the iPhone version with the iPad version. Syncing will be soon available in future updates.

As for Manga Rock Unity, it’s taking longer than expected to upgrade and move it to a new server due to the multiple sources. We are still working on it and will let you know once it’s done. If you would like to experience a more stable version of Manga Rock on the iPad, try out either Manga Rock or Manga Rock MF. 

Also, We’re sure many of you are asking “Where’s the heck is KomikConnect?”. Well, it is STILL in review by Apple, and it could stay like this for sometimes, we do not know for sure when KomikConnect will be approved (or ever). We are looking at other alternatives to get it out to you guys, more info will be provided later. Thank you for your understanding and support.





13 thoughts on “Manga Rock and Manga Rock MF 2.1 are now available for download

  1. Good news on this update! Thanks for keeping us posted. Looking forward to when the iPad version is fully functional once again.

  2. Not sure if this is happening to anyone else, but after the update, when refreshing, mangas that previously had titles no longer have them in the chapter selection (all that’s left is the number listing).

  3. I have one problem why have you taken the name of each chapter off some of them, this was a very helpful feature if I had to Download the app again

  4. Its wise decision to move Unity to new server.
    Most importantly, please add backup folder or export import feature. There is NO ARCHIVE SECTION in Unity so it freaking me out when I found out my entire collection gone after it last update. Just like Puff they are gone!!!
    I hope the Unity will more stable in their own server.

  5. Hi,

    Thanks for your wonderful job !

    One question: I’ve UNITY on iPad and it’s really great, but now MANGA ROCK is universal and is also adapted for iPad, what is the difference between them. If I only keep one on iPad, which one would you advise and why?

    And what is the difference between MANGA ROCK, MANGA ROCK MF and UNITY?

    Many thanks in advance for your reply :)

  6. Ok this just happened and I am not happy.
    I was reading a manga, and suddenly the app crashed.
    Opening Mangafox MF again, I realised that it have resetted itself! Downloads, Favourites, Recently read mangas, all gone. I did not expect this and am disappointed in this update. Please check it out.

  7. After I updated manga Rock and manga MF I cant open them.. When I try to launch them it becomes black and it goes to my beginning screen again any help? I tried to reinstall but that also didn’t work

  8. After this update it’s asking me to unlock it again, I’ve already paid for this app.

  9. When I was reading Bleach in Manga Rock on my IPod Touch, I noticed that there was an error in the chapters. I downloaded chapters 316 to 319 but they were not the actual chapters I wanted to read. They were chapters to -108 to -105. The real chapters for 316 to 319 are missing. Could you please fix this error so I can download and read chapters 316 – 319? Thank you.

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