Manga Rock and Manga Rock 2.5 are now available!

You can download these updates here:

Manga Rock 2.5

Manga Rock MF 2.5

This is a small update from version 2.4 with many bug fixes. If you have any problem with upgrading both apps, visit our support center at and send us an email.

You can also post your suggestions and feedback for our apps there. We will consider and implement them in future releases.

Have a nice weekend!



8 thoughts on “Manga Rock and Manga Rock 2.5 are now available!

  1. Thanks for this great app!

    I just have a suggestion. Is that possible to have a notification for favorite manga? Or a small icon near the manga?

  2. I do have a suggestion, could you set a button so we can download all new “last” chapters (of my favorite) at once. It’s annoying to go one after another, wait for that manga to update the new info, then select the chapter I want to download, and then go to the next manga and repeat all over again. It would be a great option

  3. @Sarah: Black Butler should already be on here. It’s under the name Kuroshitsuji.

    And I second Joelo’s idea. His idea, if it becomes real, could be very helpful.

  4. May I suggest that if you could please add push notification for all the favorited mangas when they are available? So I don’t need to check it on a particular date refreshing the lasting manga tab (which takes up even to 20 secs.)

    Please consider it!


  5. I would love it if there was an icon that let us know what chapter we were on instead of having to check the history.

    Other then that, love the app as always. It is still my favorite.

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