Manga Rock and Manga Rock MF 2.2 are available for download!

Grab the updates of both apps here: Manga Rock and Manga Rock MF.

Below is the full changelog of version 2.2:

New and more powerful Search (iPad version) 

  • Search by Author
  • Search by manga chapter

New chapter indicator (iPhone and iPad version)

  • Add a little tag “New” next to new manga chapter

Various bug fixes: including the critical one that make Manga Rock crashed and swipe out all user’s info (Recent, Favorite, Downloaded)


In the last few days, we are very excited about the coming iOS 5 with new push-notification, iCloud, and many other cool stuffs. Please share your take on iOS 5 and how we can improve Manga Rock further.

You can either drop us an email to or post a comment on our Facebook and Twitter.

Lastly, we will submit Komik Connect version 1.1 next week. Thank all for your great support and patience. More info on Komik Connect will be updated soon.



16 thoughts on “Manga Rock and Manga Rock MF 2.2 are available for download!

  1. Since the update, it seems like to crash so often.. And had difficulty to download.. Always stuck around 90%..

  2. Since the updated, a critical bug appeared, some previous downloaded comic, sometimes suddenly disappeared chapter page index 18/18 -> 0/0. I know the pages still there because when deleted, it still took a while.

  3. Why is unity not part of this update? Anyway pls update unit but please fix the bugs reported above

  4. Great update. A great addition to this app might be to be to sort by completed series as some of us don’t like to have to wait week by week for new material or scroll through all the series to find the complete ones.

  5. You can do that by tapping the CLOSED BOOK icon when you tab on the arrow to select for genres.

    By the way, still awaiting the arrival of KOMIC KONNECT on tha AppStore >:D

  6. since the Update, ALL of my previous chapters are now at 0/0 pages… I had the mall perfectly downlaoded before… I tried deleting them all and redownloading… then i tried resetting the app and trying again… still doesn’t work… Plz fix… The app is now Worse then it was before i upgraded it… the only way to read manga on it is if I download it on the spot… and it only lasts until I exit the chapter… then its back to 0/0….

  7. Hi there, thanks for the app and updates… I have a doubt… I made an in-app purchase of manga rock MF with my iPhone and now i got an iPad but the other functions are locked and ask me to make another inapp payment … Do i need to pay AGAIN? I already unlocked with the iPhone…

  8. I would like to see push notifications used to let us know when a new chapter of a manga that we download is available. Also, would like the ability to export our downloaded manga so it can be stored on our computers. I have a 64 3G iPad 2 and I have at least 20 gigs worth of manga downloaded and would like to free up space without having to delete them.

  9. Recently I keep getting error of only downloaded 10pages out of 18 pages and these missing pages are causing the reading to be unsmooth since they couldn’t be redownloaded even after I delete the chapter it’s still the same. Ended up, I have to use another app to view that chapter in order to continue my reading. Please fix this! If this problem remained, I will have to consider switching to other apps since it’s too troublesome to switch to n fro between apps.

  10. You should really add more sources to the iPhone/iTouch version. Because I checked for a new chapter of Sora no Otoshimono, but it claims that there are only 49 chapters. I finished chapter 52 yesterday. :O

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