Manga Rock 2: Version 1.3 is out on the App Store!


For many of you , English isn’t your first language – you grew up reading manga in your languages. In this update for Manga Rock 2, we wanted to replicate that nostalgic feeling: not only the app is localized into 6 languages, a tons of sources in different languages are added as well. We think you’ll love it.

To learn more, check out the full change log below:

✰ Complete localization in 6 languages
Including English, German, Spanish, French, Italian, and Vietnamese. The default language will be set according to the device’s language setting.

✰ 8 new manga sources:

  • Mangahere (English)
  • MangaEden (Italian)
  • MeinManga (German)
  • Submanga (Spanish)
  • ScanManga (French)
  • VnSharing & Thienduongmanga & Manga24h (Vietnamese)

Together with the 3 existing English sources, the app now hosts 11 manga sources with over 40,000 manga!

✰ New back-end system
Better app performance (faster loading/downloading manga) and less crashes.

✰ “Reset Catalog” button
This button only deletes and repopulates the currently selected manga source. All other data, including Favorite, Recent and Downloaded, will stay intact.

✰ Full screen view for iPad
The top status bar is removed, so that you have more screen estate to read manga.

That’s it, folks. Enjoy reading manga in your native language.