Manga Rock 2: Update 1.2 now available

Update 1.2 for Manga Rock 2 is now available. Please check out the full release notes below to see what’s new.

New feature

  • Add Filter for “Latest updates”: 
    • Sort by Time (default), Name, or Rank.


  • Improved Favorite & Download buttons (iPad only)
    • In previous versions, many users have a hard time locating the Favorite and Download buttons. We have moved these buttons into the manga cell in the catalog.

Favorite & Add to Download buttons are now located inside the manga cell (iPad only)

  • Multiple Select & Delete for Favorite/Downloaded/Downloading/Recent. 
    • You can also select/ delete downloaded chapters by tapping on “Delete” in the manga info view.

Multiple selects in Favorite/ Recent/ Downloaded/ Downloading

Tap on “Delete” to delete downloaded manga.

  • Added back “Send Feedback” button in “Notifications”
    • Users can easily contact us to give feedback/request new features.

Bug fixes

  • Fixed the “black pages in Downloaded” bug.
    • Before, user-generated data (Downloaded, Favorite, Recent) are stored in Cache folder. Whenever the system runs low on memory, it will flush the Cache, resulting in loss of data. In this version, we store these data in a different folder that will not get flushed, keeping your data safe.
  • Fixed a bug when Search function doesn’t work when using Split keyboard on the iPad.


You can get the update here.