Manga Rock 1.4 update is now available for download

As we have promised, Manga Rock 1.4 is here to fix our mistake from 1.3. The app now works for iOS 3 as well as iPad users!

So what’s new in this version:

  • Backward compatibility with iOS 3.
  • We have updated our filtering system to deliver more manga to you. US users please check whether you have roughly more than 990+ manga, if you don’t please reset the app from the INFO tab. Users from other countries should have more manga due to less licenses.
  • We have improved the viewer so that it can handle larger pages and chapters.

Again, for those who are still in version 1.2, when you update to v1.4, ALL of your downloaded manga will be DELETED as we have switched to a new source and that required us to purge the database or the app will not function at all. So please, finish reading your downloaded manga first before updating to the latest version.

Also, for those who are interested, we are going to launch a new manga app, Manga Rock MF, that is based on More information can be found at this blog post, and you can be one of the first one to get it by registering your email with us at !

That’s all for now, hope you enjoy your manga using Manga Rock!



29 thoughts on “Manga Rock 1.4 update is now available for download

  1. Hi! Was waiting forever to get manga rock on my iPad , it still doesn’t work. When I click on it , manga rock logo appears, than it quits back to home screen . I’m running 3.2.2 on iPad .

  2. When I go to apple store it shows that update is available for manga rock, I installed it, tried it, it crashes again, I went back to apple store, it still shows that update is available . I think somehow it still installs as 1.3 over and over again

  3. Hi Raf,

    It is possible that you still have v1.3 of Manga as it took Apple a while to roll out the app to all of its server. Can you please delete and try redownloading the app again? Do let me know if it works for u. Thanks.

  4. Hi,

    I have Manga Rock since version 1.0, and I have it on my old 1st gen iTouch, my third gen iTouch and my iPad, it works very well on both my iTouch but my iPad has been getting a “Can’t connect to server” message since version 1.2 I believe and 1.4 does the same thing. Anyone have a similar problem? And yes, I tried deleting the App several time.

  5. Thanks hieu.tran. Actually, I think it was a glitch with the AppStore. It was flagging 1.4 as an update, but then pushing 1.3!. Today, I upgraded again, and it got the right version, and it works great.

  6. Hi, I’ve noticed that the website version of Mangable contains viz media manga. May I know if Manga Rock 1.4 will contain these manga too? Especially since we were told that all viz media manga were/ will be removed prior to version 1.3′s rollout..
    Please advise as I’ve downloaded some viz media manga a long time ago but has yet been able to finish reading them. Thus, I’m not sure if I should update my MangaRock to ver1.4.
    Thanks :)

  7. Hi Sallywhy, Viz Media’s titles will not be available in the US. Therefore, I suggest that if you want you should finished reading your downloaded manga before updating to the latest version. :)

  8. @hieu.tran thanks lots for your fast response! I’m impressed ;)
    ooh..that’s really great news for me as that would mean I’d still have access to Skip Beat and D Grayman, I guess?

    Yay… Version 1.4, here I come~~ :p

    thanks for the great job (as usual)! ;)

  9. I installed 1.4 and it keeps stopping at loading screen.
    I have iOs3.2 on my first gen ipod touch and have restarted it and reinstalled the app and still wont work.
    please help me!

  10. @Kristalghost: Hi there, version 1.4 of the app should work on iOS3 and above, it is possible that the update that you have is still 1.3as we have received a few emails from customers having the same problem as you and it turns out that for some reasons they still get 1.3 for their updates. Please delete, re-install the app in a few hours to see if it works. If it still does not, please send us an email at for more detailed troubleshooting. Thank you.

  11. I’d like to know if the manga CLAYMORE will update when mangable updates it, because mangable seems to be a few chapters behind.
    (claymore is part of VIZ, i think )

  12. I have paid for the unlocked version of manga rock and cant do things still…. problem problem problem! :(
    serious… let people use that favourite button lol shouldn’t even need to pay

  13. Hi,
    I’m trying to buy the full version of manga rock (mangafox) but I get an error message saying “you are not authorized to purchase from the app store”… I really want to get the $0.99 promotion price, but it won’t purchase! Can you help me out..?

  14. @Cherry: Hi, it seems that your device’s restriction is enabled. Please go to Settings –> General —> Restriction and disable restriction to buy from App Store. if there is password (either from your parental units or someone), please ask them to remove the restriction. After that you can purchase just fine. Thanks

  15. Hi. I just wanna ask: What if I purchase the full version of Manga Rock MF, and I restored my iPod Touch (which will cause it for all my apps to be deleted), will I have to pay for the full version again when I download it again from the Appstore? Thanks.

  16. hey i have a problem i downloaded rock manga for my ipod 4 gen and i downloaded manga everything good 1 day later. oh the manga is called elfen lied. and i downloaded about 70 chapters of it so i wanted to download the other chapters and when i did the chapter pages were black and it wouldnt work. then i deleted my other chapters redownloade the chapters and then all the chapter pages i go on appear black and no pictures of the manga page so i re download the rock manga nothing and i unlocked the rock manga. so now i cant read any manga i am stuck because i wasted 4 bucks and i cant read any manga. and i like elfen lied. please help me please help.

  17. and the the black pages says when i flick them it says broken page this page could not be downloaded before do you want to redownload it i say yes but nothing helpppppppppppppppppppp pleaseeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee i wasted 4 bucks on what a problem please helpppppppppppppppppppppppp

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