Manga Rock 1.1 and non-iOS 4 devices

Hi all,

Please note that Manga Rock 1.1 now adds support for iOS 4 with features such as Fast App Switching and Hi-Res graphics, therefore, you will need to upgrade your device to iOS 4 in order to install/update Manga Rock 1.1

iOS 4 is available for free on  iTunes, just connect your device to iTunes and upgrade your device as prompted.

For those of you using jailbreak iPhone/iPod touch, please follow the instruction on  this page to unlock and upgrade your firmware to iOS 4. (note: please back up your device before attempting to jailbreak it, we will NOT be responsible if your iPhone/iPod touch explodes or turns into Barney the Dinosaur)

Thank you and I hope you enjoy Manga Rock 1.1!



14 thoughts on “Manga Rock 1.1 and non-iOS 4 devices

  1. It depends, whether you will restore your iPhone from the iTunes back up after updating to iOS 4.
    All your downloaded manga are backed up whenever you synchronize your iPhone with iTunes.

  2. Nice to see the new update apear :D
    But on wich link can I see how to Jailbreak the new iOS 4, because it doesn’t quite say on wich one :P

  3. Is the iPhone version also good to go with the iPad or are you planning on releasing a iPad version too?!

  4. Hi User,

    Right now Manga Rock 1.1 added support for iOS4 with features such as Fast App Switching and Hi-Res graphics. Meanwhile, the iPad has yet to receive support for iOS4, however, an iPad-specific version is in the work, we will let you know as we have more ino.


  5. Now there is a link, thanks Hieu.Tran, but actually that method doesn’t work, whenever I used HJsplit, it gives me some kind of error :P

  6. Oh sorry, I just thought of this, does this work on the ipod touch aswell, you did mention it but it only said Iphone.

  7. I upgraded to iOS 4 but I didn’t like it, so I downgraded to 3.1.2 and now I can’t use Manga Rock, Why not release an app for iOS 3x ?

    Pardon me because of my bad english. Regards, Morutimeru.

  8. First of all: I love your App!!! It´s the most used on my iPad.
    But only till you released the “just for iOS4″ -Version.
    Now i cant use Manga Rock on my iPad anymore and my question is,
    are there any possibilities to use it again?! I don´t want to wait for
    iOS 4 for iPad…

    Regards, Dennis

  9. @Morutimeru & Dennis:
    Currently, Manga Rock 1.1 added support for iOS 4 with features such as Fast App Switching and higher res graphics. iOS 3x does not allow this. Therefore, in order to use Manga Rock, you will need iOS 4

    As in your case,Dennis, since iPad does not have iOS 4, you will not be able to use Manga Rock for iPhone. HOwever, we are currently working on a version for the iPad. Will let you know as we have more info on it.

    We apologize for any inconvenience caused.

  10. Hi! Your app is great but the thing is I have a 1st generation iPod touch so I’m unable to upgrade to iOS 4.0. Does that mean I won’t be able to use the Manga Rock app at all?
    This might be a redundant question but I just want to make sure.


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