Komik Connect will be available on 12th May 2011

The long wait for Komik Connect is OVER. Yes, you heard it right! After 3 months and 10 days, Komik Connect will officially be available on the iTunes App Store next Thursday, May 12. We thank everyone for your patience. 

For now, please go back to Komik Connect site, bookmark your favorite manga, and make sure your Komik Connect accounts are ready before next Thursday!

Another good news: Manga Rock and Manga Rock MF version 2.1.1 are available for download today. It’s a quick fix for version 2.1 with small improvements and bug fixes. You can read the full change log for both below:

iPod Touch and iPhone version 

1. Pull to refresh for Manga Info View: for version 2.1, many users found that the chapter titles are missing in Manga Rock MF. This is caused by a dramatic change in Mangafox’s manga directory structure. Simply pull to refresh the manga info view, everything will be back to normal.

iPad version

1. Refresh in Manga Info View: this function is equivalent to “Pull-to-Refresh” in iPhone version.

2. In-app purchase: With version 2.1 , after successful purchase, Manga Rock and Manga Rock MF still show the Upgrade button at the top left corner. For now, the button will be removed right after you unlock the apps.

A gentle reminder: if you have unlocked Manga Rock and Manga Rock MF on the iPod Touch or iPhone before, don’t hesitate to unlock them again on the iPad at no extra cost.

As for Manga Rock Unity, we plan to submit version 2.0 sometimes next week. More info about Manga Rock Unity 2.0 and Komik Connect will come soon. Don’t forget to follow us on twitter or facebook to get the latest updates. Have a nice day, guys!





3 thoughts on “Komik Connect will be available on 12th May 2011

  1. I hope Unity 2.0 also have archieve/backup folder like MR/MRMF or synchronize feature between device. I got tons of download in my iPhone and hope to transfer them into my iPad.
    Most important No Bug please!!!

  2. Hmm..i can’t seem to be able to locate Komik Connect in the App Store. Anyone else facing the same issue?

  3. Mee too, can’t find it in the app store. Wat is the name of the app u guys put in the iTunes app store? Komik connect?

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