Komik Connect: Postponed.

Last week, we announced that the app would be available today. It isn’t. Not anymore. First of all, we sincerely apologize to everyone who have been eagerly waiting for the availability of Komik Connect. 

This is what happened:

1. Komik Connect 1.0 was actually available on store for a few hours. We discovered a few critical bugs in the live version that would seriously hamper the user experience. We just couldn’t accept it.

2. We ourselves have temporarily taken the app down. Our developers are now hard at work to fix all the bugs that we have found.

3. Once everything is ironed out and that we are sure that we have provided the right value to you, we will then submit the 1.1 version to Apple for review. As an update, it should take Apple less time to review it.

Again, we are deeply sorry about the inconvenience caused. Thank you all for your amazing support. We will not disappoint you guys in the 1.1 release of Komik Connect.

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4 thoughts on “Komik Connect: Postponed.

  1. Thanks for your hard work, as per usual. One question, do you guys have any plan developing Manga Rock for Android platform? Because I would love to see one in my new Samsung Galaxy S II :D

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