Komik Connect 1.1 is submitted today!

Hi folks, we are so sorry for the long wait, the good news is: Komik Connect 1.1 is submitted for review today, and it is much better than version 1.0. Below is the full change log:

Komik Connect 1.1 is now FREE to download with in-app purchase at $2.99.

- The FREE version includes:

  • Access 5 bookmarks
  • Favorite and Push-notification
  • Recent

- The FULL version will feature:

  • No ads in viewer
  • Full bookmark access
  • Book View support for iPad version
  • Searching for Bookmark


- Various bug fixes

  • All the existing bugs in version 1.0 are taken care of. You can enjoy a smooth ride with Komik Connect 1.1. No more crashes, no more annoying bugs!

- New Download System

  • Downloading speed for online reading is now 3 times faster than Manga Rock. Open any manga chapter and all the images will be downloaded within a few seconds. Just sit back and enjoy reading!

- Complete UI makeover (visit KC Facebook Page for more screenshots)

- Full integration of Manga Rock Viewer

  • Support scrolling in landscape mode for iPhone
  • Support various viewing modes for iPad, including Book View

- Pull to refresh

  • Simply perform “Pull-to-Refresh” to load your Recently-Added-Bookmark

- More manga sources

  • Komik Connect now features manga from: Mangafox.com, Mangastream.com, Mangareader.net and Mangable.com. This is the biggest manga collection ever with 12,000+ titles.

Version 1.1 of Komik Connect mobile web will be implemented soon. Probably we will get it ready before Komik Connect 1.1’s launch.

Lastly, we thank everyone for your great support in the past 6 months. It was a very long wait, but it will be worth it ! Finally, you can read any manga you want on your beloved iPhone and iPad.



7 thoughts on “Komik Connect 1.1 is submitted today!

  1. I’m interested in komik connect but it hasn’t been on the iPhone app store for weeks. I’m constantly checking. Any direction I can be pointed?

  2. I’m always looking for a great way to read manga, and this looks awesome! However… It would be amazing if this were available in Canada (I would buy the full version).

  3. I keep looking for it daily. I’m really excited, and hope it is soon on the app store once again. Is there a way we can be notified the moment it is ready? I’ve looked at other apps, and I love the design of the way you’ve done manga reading, and this app would combine many sources making it easier. I assume it should be on the store soon, just wish they would hurry up aproving it.

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