Komik Connect 1.0: Another look.

Komik Connect was launched a few days ago, and we have received quite a number of feedback for it, some loves it, some seems confused, so we guess this is a good time for us to answer your questions.

1. Why do we create Komik Connect?
Komik Connect was created to provide unrestricted access to contents such as Naruto, One Piece, Bleach etc.

2. What’s the difference between Manga Rock and Komik Connect?
Manga Rock has a manga catalog that users can choose from. You can download manga to your devices to read offline on the go. However, Manga Rock does not have push-notifications, and its data are not synced across all of your devices. Plus, not all manga are available in Manga Rock due to license restriction.

Meanwhile, Komik Connect does not have a fully loaded catalog on the get go. You will need to bookmark any manga that you want to read using the mobile web, then that manga will appear in the app.

Due to the nature of its contents, Komik Connect does not feature a download manager. Also, Komik Connect features push-notification, so you know when you favorite and bookmarked manga has new chapters. Its data is also synced across all devices, so you never lose your bookmarks and favorites. 

3. Is Komik Connect the perfect solution for manga readers?
Yes. And no. We have talked to users who only read a few manga like Naruto, Bleach and they can’t access those manga from places like the US, and Komik Connect is the perfect solution.

Meanwhile, there are manga fans who loves to explore less well-known titles in the manga universe, then they prefer Manga Rock.

With that being said, we are aware that both apps, Manga Rock and Komik Connect, still need a lot of improvement. Our team is hard at work to make that happens and we need you guys to help us by sending feedback to our email (support@notabasement.com), twitter, and facebook.

NOTES: We have just submitted Manga Rock 2.3, Manga Rock MF 2.3 and Manga Rock Unity 2.1 for review. These updates will include many bug fixes (including the infamous bug of 0/0 page) and work perfectly with the coming iOS 5. We will keep you posted about their statuses. Have a great day, folks!



2 thoughts on “Komik Connect 1.0: Another look.

  1. I believe that Manga Rock is the perfect solution for viewing less known manga. As a manga lover myself I solute NotABasement for all it’s hard work, especially in fixing the 0/0 bug. C:

  2. ive a few questions whether komik connect has such mangas like Bakuman ,Death note ,Gantz Worst and so on or not? im just wondering if komik connect has more mangas (i mean some of mangas that manga rock mf doesnt have)

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