Known issue in Manga Rock MF 1.1

We have discovered a bug that causes the app crashes when adding manga to download. A hot fix is pending. For now, there is a workaround to prevent the app from crashing:

Whenever you start the app, please pull the manga catalog to refresh it.  OR

Enable the “auto update” setting inside the INFO tab.

Both of the above methods will prevent the app from crashing when adding manga to download.We apologize for the inconvenience caused. More info about the hot fix will be coming.



34 thoughts on “Known issue in Manga Rock MF 1.1

  1. Hi there is this problem where the app hangs everytime you exit it, or put the phone to sleep. Always happens.

  2. Sorry, found another bug. Mangas downloaded before the update now appear as black images, although they show up if you press the pages button for a specific chapter.

  3. App resets itself no matter what every time I close it down from processes. No favorites saved, no downloads saved. Paid for what originally was a free version.

    Still happening too. :(

  4. Definitely all my downloaded mangas appeared as black screen and im not talking about 1-2 chapters here!!i wish i had read this page before upgrading it!!

  5. Hi, I have the similar problem with Ben. The some chapters downloaded before the update are now all black. I tried to delete the chapteres & re-download, the chapter pages are still all black. I can view the same chapter nicely from mangafox website. Please look into this bug.

    Thanks for great app!!

  6. Hi. I cannot access any of my previously downloaded manga! It just crashes everytime I choose to read a chapter! Very frustrating and your “pull to refresh” method DOES NOT work.

    Please rectify this asap. The previous version is waaaay better.

  7. you need to fix the bug where if you exit mangarock for a while it shuts down and all your favorites and such are gone :( I’ve had to redo all my favorites and get MR to recognise ive downloaded chapters

  8. been happy reading for past few days but realized i have problem syncing the ipad to my itunes. My itunes keep hang…… pls help

  9. A lot of manga on your app comes up black or blank and simply won’t load. Also a problem where the app sticks then crashes.

  10. So, is there a reason why I can’t open any downloaded chapters? I can read news ones but any that I had before the update are all black.

  11. Same problem here… all downloaded chapters cannot be read. Just black colour. Already tried to delete & re-download. Is still the same.

  12. Can anyone tell me why i can’t read any manga?When i want to read manga the screen turns black.
    this app is good but it always has problems.That’s a bit annoying and i finally want it without problems.
    sry bad english (i’m german)

  13. I hv the same problem since yesterday evening. Manga downloaded is black now but when select pages in chapter it’s there but can’t view. Same with Ben. What can I do? I don’t wanna download again :(

  14. Hi there I got the same problem as Ben. All the image ive downloaded before the update turn into black images, and only when you press the coverflow thingy you can see the images (in the coverflow mode). Also some downloaded manga crash the app when press. I’ve tried downloading a chapter haven’t downloaded before, but it still doesn’t show up normally.

  15. Only Angel Densetsu and Mx0 show blank pages when I try to read them, can you please try and fix this.
    Also, when Mangafox updates when does the app do its update?

  16. Hi,

    The Unity is great except its lacking of featuring what’s already in the MangaRock Iphone version, It doesn’t have counter of how many updates of favorite manga.

    Also I found some bugs — I noticed when reading and it doesn’t bookmark the last chapter I’m reading, It always goes back more chapter backward not the last chapter.

    When I’m start reading on my iPad it doesn’t have ways of exiting it except at the end of the chapter or pressing home, Which is actually annoying.

    Last, If possible would like to request feature to sort latest first specially for downloaded manga since I’m not reading from start to end, usually read the latest manga.

    Overall its very great apps both the iPhone and iPad version, Already recommend it to some few of my friends who loves reading manga. It’s nice also for me reading manga when taking MRT or BUS so hopefully this can be fixed (iPad), I prefer reading on big screen.


  17. Bug bug bug….when downloading full chapters some pages are blank, every time reload still stuck at the same pages being black images….

  18. I cant go into two categories like I used to. Ex) when ur looking at the green box and It shows like drama adventure etc I can only click one instead of multplies

  19. Recent history doesnt seem to work for me, it takes me to a random previous chapter instead of the last chapter i was reading.
    Ps i have the full version

  20. hi, i redownloaded MR both normal and mangafox, but the two won’t seem to update catalog…-_-;;; both says they can’t connect to server wtf

  21. Apparently the App doesn’t support multi-tasking, everytime I receive a call the App crash. When I try to open crash again, then I try to open again to be able to use the app. Also this happens if I close the app without closing the manga that I was reading.

  22. Hey everytime I open the app it tells me to refresh it but when I do it closes it everytime. I’ve tried to go to the manga without refreshing but it just closes it everytime. I don’t know what to do but I feel like I bought a lemon right can someone help me.

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