IMPORTANT: Upgrade your Manga Rock now!

Good news today: Manga Rock and Manga Rock MF 2.3 are all available for download now. They will include:

  • Various bug fixes (including the infamous bug of 0/0 page)
  • Full support for iOS 5

We highly recommend that you get these updates A.S.A.P, and get them before upgrading your devices to iOS 5. So you won’t lose any data in Downloaded, Favorite or Recent.¬†Enjoy version 2.3 and visit us often on Facebook and Twitter. We will keep you posted!



17 thoughts on “IMPORTANT: Upgrade your Manga Rock now!

  1. I’m hoping to see these in future updates:
    1. Ability to search favorites and downloaded manga
    2. Ability to scroll favorites and downloaded manga by the first alphabets
    3. Ability to search favorites and downloaded manga by genres.

    Please take these into consideration.

  2. I already updated my mangarock to 2.3. However, i still got the error of 19/0 pages. I deleted the manga and redownload it again with several chapters first and it looks fixed so I download more and this time it has the same error again.

    Please fix this. It is very frustrated.

  3. All these sites have high school of the dead chapters above 26 can’t you guys go higher than that cum on!

  4. Got “Manga Rock” Singapore Itunes just today (8/3/2011). After downloading “Hajime No Ippo” got 0/0 pages or some chapters have 1 page only,chapters downloaded in 412 to 450.

  5. I have downloaded this version but there still seems to be the problem regarding new releases. It doesn’t show any new releases!! What could be the problem??

  6. Still getting 0/0 pages on several manga including yakitake!! Japan, Dance of the vampire Bund, and Air Gear.

  7. Same problem still; I’m getting 0/0 pages for a lot of manga. Does it matter that I don’t have iOS5? Because I don’t download manga.

  8. after updating mangarock mf, i couldn’t open it with my ipod touch 2nd gen…my ipods version is 4.2.1

  9. Also H.S.D. Kenchi about every 5 or so chapters there are 3 – 5 0/0 chapters. This leaves huge gaps in the story. It is very frustrating that I paid money for this app and I’m not satisfied at all. When I e-mailed Tech support for crashing issues and was told to reset the app. It never fixed these issues it seemed like telling someone to restart their computer or reset your router. I’m really disappointed with this app, I’m considering just downloading these in PDF format and using Aji Reader.

  10. Mine still has the 0/0 page errors when i download kenichi. This is frustrating and i even paid for this so please fix this!

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