How to upgrade Manga Rock using in-app purchase for jail-broken iPhone/iPod touch, and some other ethical issues…

First of all, for those of you who find in-app purchase troublesome, we want to say that we share the same concern. After many nights conceptualizing Manga Rock, we decided to implement In-app Purchase as the better way to improve user experience, due to two main reasons:

  • Our manga source,, is free for everybody. Therefore, we feel that we need to allow our users to read manga online for free, because we simply do not own the contents! We even throw in there our advanced viewer to deliver a good manga experience with features such as swipes, double tap, orientation etc. and better yet, it’s ad-free, unlike many other free manga readers right now. Other than that, in-app purchase provides an unannoying way to introduce our other wonderful features to you.
  • With the traditional way of purchase where there are free and paid versions of an application, users who find our free app good enough will have to exit our application, go to App Store to purchase and download the paid version. In-app purchase helps reduce all those steps.

However, there are some minor disadvantages on both Not A Basement Studio’s side and on our beloved customers’ side:

  • We face difficulties with our competitors where they can download our app for free as many times as they want, then under-rate us, give customers a distorted view of how good our application actually is. We, on the other hand, cannot defend ourselves or do the same thing as we have to pay in order to rate their apps (however, we are not unethical enough to do so, thanks to Ethics course). In the end, we hope what is right will be right, and users will understand and find how truly awesome our app is.
  • On the technical side, In-app purchase is the “killer” of jail-broken devices. Apple uses some kind of device ID that jail-broken devices are unable to provide. Don’t cry folks! Fortunately, we have found some kind of work-around so you can purchase and enjoy Manga Rock (we do not encourage jail-breaking though)

There are 2 methods out there, depend on whether your device has AppSync in or not.

Verify whether you have AppSync

  1. Launch Cydia, go to tab Manage, click on Packages

If you HAVE AppSync:

  1. Find AppSync in the list and click on (enter) it
    (Unfortunately, I don’t have AppSync on my device for a screen shot here!)
  2. Modify –> Remove
  3. Uninstall and re-download Manga Rock
  4. Perform In-App Purchase

If you DO NOT HAVE AppSync:

  1. Uninstall Manga Rock
  2. Use a SSH software to connect to your device, or use any iPhone apps to browse through system files (iFile, DiskAid, iPhoneBrowser…).
    I am using iFile for this demonstration.
  3. Navigate to /private/var/stash/libexec.xxxxxx/ (xxxxxx should be any random 6 characters depends on your device)
  4. Rename installd to
  5. Rename installd.backup to installd
  6. Reboot or respring your iPhone
  7. Re-download Manga Rock and perform In-app purchase
  8. Voila! Enjoy Manga Rock!

    From here, you still need to do one more thing: go to your file browser and rename all the files back:

  9. Rename installd to installd.backup
  10. Rename to installd
  11. Reboot or respring your iPhone.
    You will have to redo all the steps every time you reinstall Manga Rock or any other apps with In-app Purchase.

Good luck and enjoy Manga Rock! ;)

(This demonstration was tested with iPhone firmware 3.1.2, jail-broken with geohot’s blackra1n method)

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We have now confirmed that these methods DO NOT work on iPod touch devices running firmware 3.1.2 and jail-broken with geohot’s blackra1n, as installd.backup cannot be found.

However, not all hopes are lost :P Thanks to Cole™ we have got the solution for JB iPod touchs’ users. If you are one and would like to support Manga Rock, please (1) go to iTunes and update your firmware to 3.1.3, (2) jail-break your devices with Spirit, and (3) redo the steps stated in the upper part of this blog.



19 thoughts on “How to upgrade Manga Rock using in-app purchase for jail-broken iPhone/iPod touch, and some other ethical issues…

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  2. great app guys love the ui and it’s great that it’s not ad supported also have to give you guys props most developers don’t like admitting they use jailbroken iphones. Let alone know the app that allows for cracked apps. Gonna buy in-app just because of your attitude well done!

  3. Umm, neither methodes worked, i tried WinCP and IFile and non of both found the installd.backup, i have a 3.1.2 jailbroken device, what do i do now?

  4. So i’ve found out that if i have Inernet/Wifi that it only crashes, but when i don’t have wifi or internet it loads but it says i have no internet connection. I’ve tried this on 4 diffrent networks, any ideas?

  5. @Kaokien: Thanks a lot. Your comment means a lot to us, as we continue to bring Manga Rock experience to as many iPhone and iPod touch users as we can. We hope you enjoy our application as much as we do ;)

    @Cole™: There may be many different jail-break configurations out there, and this guide may not fit all. In order to find a work around for it, may we know these information: (1) what kind of jail-breaking method you have applied (whether it was blackra1n, QuickPWN, redsn0w,…), and (2) whether you found installd (NOT installd.backup) in the folder as told? We suspect that, some jail-breaking methods may not leave installd.backup while the original installd is overwritten instead.

  6. @Cole™: Regarding the problem with internet connection, may we know if you have managed to perform In-app purchase? If you have succeeded, the problem may be caused by the method of jail-breaking.

    Please help us by going to the Info Tab, resetting the application, exiting the app and starting it again.

  7. I have resetted the Application, i have tried de-installing and then installing it again, i couldn’t perform the in-app purchase though.

  8. Do you have AppSync or any other installed patch installed? If so, please uninstall these patches as they may hide installd.backup and uninstalling them helps put that file back.

    In addition, please go to /usr/lib-exec instead of /private/var/stash/libexec.xxxxxx/ and see if you can find installed.backup.

  9. Well, a few minutes ago i finally found Installd.Backup (after re-jailbreaking it 4 times) And i preformed the second method, and it still didn’t work.

  10. @Cole™: As this never happens before, we currently are testing on our devices to identify the root cause. We will update our blog as soon as we find a proper solution.

    Thank you for your notice of the problem and we are sorry for any inconvenience caused.

  11. I sohuld be the one apologizing for making you look and all. But thank you for trying to help me.

  12. Would be much better if you guys just provide a way or another Pro version to buy in store through Apple Store, that way we dont have to follow all these lengthy steps. I’m on a Spirit jailbroken (3.1.3) Itouch and I can buy all in-store app. This is the first one I have problem buying.

    PS: great app btw, really look forward to buying it when all the hassles are cleared

  13. Yes, I think it’s better if you make another paid version on apple store.
    Các bạn sẽ mất khá nhiều khách hàng chỉ vì vụ In-app purchase này đấy

  14. One of many extra spectacular blogs Ive seen. Thanks a lot for protecting the internet elegant for a change. Youve obtained fashion, class, bravado. I mean it. Please keep it up as a result of with out the web is certainly lacking in intelligence.

  15. Thank you a lot Kathaleen. Your support is the encouragement for us to make Manga Rock even better a manga reading experience :)

  16. I bought Manga Rock long ago. One month ago,I had some issues about jailbreak so i decide to format device.After the formati, i re-install manga rock and it seems that i have to pay again to unlock it:/ Is there anything wrong with this or after every format (without backup) we have to buy again?

  17. I need to point out that this app is THA BEST app for manga !I am using it since it was out! It’s a must have for any manga fan! It has an insane amount of manga! Personally i would be grateful if you could provide the app with notifications so we can be notified for any new chapter! This would make the app far more appealing! Thx for this great app!

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