Happy New Year!

As we bid goodbye to 2011 and welcome 2012, we would like to express our biggest thanks to everyone, who has supported us in the last one year. In 2011, we delivered Komik Connect, Wikly, Comic Express, and Chuppy Jump and received strong encouragement and feedback from you. We are grateful for that.

Within almost two years, Manga Rock users are fast approaching one million. Even though there were many new competing manga apps, even though we ourselves encountered many hiccups, you guys always showed your strongest support. Thank you.

New Year brings good things, new apps are planned, and old apps are getting major updates. We look forward to your support and an exciting year ahead.

We wish you a new year full of happiness and success!

The NAB team



6 thoughts on “Happy New Year!

  1. Ok, if you people want to say something good about manga rock, fix it already! I don’t think that you really deserve to post something positive about manga rock while the million mentioned above sit and wait for the app to be fixed because the app won’t even start up. So please hurry up and fix it, and check you rating comments if you haven’t noticed them flooding your app inbox.

  2. I have to agree with Alex. YOU lot said that you sent in the update around dec 22nd, and said it would be out at new years. It’s 2 days past that, and we had updates for various apps over apples supposed Christmas break! Also, it should not take that long for an update to go through! Did you guys even send one in, or were you lying to calm the masses!??

  3. ughh my fricken manga rock mf keeps freezing on the favorites section and it wont lemme select a manga….

  4. I got the same problem with all this ppls here. My manga rock mf keep freezing every time I try to download new chapter. And when I try to open the file after I update the manga, it is also freeze. That is ridiculous. And some manga have the same chapters. And some manga I can’t even download all the chapter cause the other half won’t download. This start to make me angry cause I waste too much time redo hem again and again. Fix it man

  5. i have bought this app for 2.99 to only use it for 2 days. Are u guys even patching for the 4.xx IOS users? or you are just gonna forget us and hope that the newer consumers are using IOS 5?

    No official note on how you guys are intending to handling it either.

    Very Very Disappointed.

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