Fuzel for iPhone: free version + major update for Pro version now availalbe

We’re very excited to release the free version for Fuzel today!

Known simply as Fuzel (the paid version is now Fuzel Pro), the app lets more people make collages without being deterred by a price tag. All the core features (Cut Mode, Photos Picker, Sharing, standard filters/layouts/bases/frames etc.) are available right off the bat, so you can create some really amazing collages without paying a dime. For users that wants more, you can get the Essential Pack at a reasonably priced $1.99 .

SALE OFF!: To celebrate the launch, we’re having a special weekend sale  - 50% off for both Fuzel’s “Essential Pack” and the Pro version’s price tag. Get it at only $0.99 while offer lasts.

Let’s take a look at the new and free Fuzel:

✮ Brand new icon

The first thing that you notice is our shiny new icon. We felt that the old one was too serious and does not reflect the nature of the app. So here we go, a brand new Fuzel icon, we hope you like it!


Photos Picker: smarter, faster, easier to use.

✮ All-new Photos Picker

The revamped Photos Picker lets you import multiple photos at once, from your device’s photos, Facebook Photos, or Google Images. Not only that, it tells you exactly where your photos go on the collage!












Adjust borders’ roundedness & thickness with simple gestures

✮ Rounded Corners

You asked for it, and we delivered it! A lot of thoughts was put into making rounded corners not only fun, but also easy to use with intuitive gestures – swipe horizontally to adjust the borders’ roundedness, and vertically to adjust the thickness. Easy peasy, right?











Just 1 tap and your photos will look a lot better.

✮ Auto image enhancement

1-tap. That’s all it takes to make your photos looks dramatically better.  Essentially, it doubles the no. of filters that you have at your disposal. Just experiment and have fun with your photos!












Aspects Ratios can now be changed inside the Cut Mode – there are 6 to choose from.

✮ Aspect ratios

You can now change the collage’s aspect ratios right inside the Cut Mode. We added 3 new aspect ratios, including the much requested Facebook Cover:

* 1:1, 2:3, 3:2, 3:4, 4:3, FB Cover












18 Funky layouts will make your collages more fun than ever

✮ “Funky” layouts

Don’t have 5 minutes to create an ultra awesome custom layouts? It’s ok, you can just use the new 18 “Funky” layouts. 1-tap to create unique and fun looking collages!

* in-app purchase required












New “Motivational Poster” frame

✮ New “Motivational Poster” frame

Together with the other 8 “Funky” frames, the brand new “Motivational Poster” give you a different way to tell your stories, so be sure to check it out!

* in-app purchase required








Try out Fuzel’s full in-app purchase before buying

✮ Try before you buy

At only $1.99, the Essential Pack gives you:

  • 9 “Decorative” frames
  • 12 additional filters
  • 18 “Crayon” base colors
  • 18 “Funky” layouts
Don’t take our words that you need to get our In-App Purchase, you deserve to know exactly what you’re buying before tapping on that “Buy now” button. “Try It” and decide for yourself whether you really want it.








✮ Plus everything else that you love about Fuzel!

Remember, we’re having a special weekend sale  - 50% off for both Fuzel’s “Essential Pack” and the Pro version’s price tag. So get it now at only $0.99 while offer lasts.

Current users of Fuzel Pro, you can get the 1.1 update right here.