Fuzel 2.0: how the best got better

Our goal for Fuzel is to be the best photo collage maker for iPhone. It seems we’re on the right track so far – Fuzel is now used by over half a million users. People really love the simplicity and flexibility when creating collages with Fuzel.

So “How can we make something that good, better?”

To do that, we have to make Fuzel 2.0 even more flexible, and even simpler to use.

In 2.0, we added a lot more features (Labels, Patterns, Photo Editors, Shadow etc.), so in order to accomodate for those new features, the Bottom Bar was the first thing we redesigned. We managed to cut down the number of buttons from 5 to 4, making it easier to navigate.

Our next challenge came from existing features. They worked before, but no longer in 2.0, so we overhauled most of them to follow the same design philosophy for Fuzel: “Flexibility” & “Simplicity”.

The New Ratios

Previously, changing Aspect Ratio was not easy, since it was hidden inside “Cut”. It’s now located prominently in Layouts.

That’s not the only change we made to “Ratios” either – the tool now lets you preview how your collage will actually look in different Ratios, instead of an image placeholder.

Swap Photos

A small change, but we’re sure that you’ll love it. Instead of using the Swap Photos button, you can now simply Tap & Hold to swap photos from one frame to the next. Neat, right?

Improved Filters

We revamped the entire photo filters system in Fuzel. Every filters are now a lot faster, and more beautiful. We also removed the Auto-Enhance button, making it into a special filter.

Why is it Special? Depend on your photo, the “Enhanced” version will look differently. In addition to the original 18 filters, we added another 12 filters available as in-app purchase.

Photo Editor

This is a completely new feature. We saw many of our users used other apps to retouch their photos before using them in Fuzel. We wanted to simplify the process by having a photo editor right in Fuzel 2.0. We could either use others’ Photo Editor, or build our own.

At first, we considered using the popular Aviary Photo Editor SDK, as seen in many recent Photo Apps. It was easy to integrate, and it had most of the functionalities that we wanted. However, there were 2 things that felt wrong when we tested integrating Aviary.

Firstly, Aviary’s interface was completely out of place with Fuzel’s, the interaction is also different. It’s true that it makes Fuzel a lot more powerful in term of image editing, but it also greatly increases the complexity of the app. And we don’t want that.

Secondly, Aviary was built for single-photo-editing. When you’re adjusting your photos for a collage, you want to see how they look as a whole in the collage. Aviary couldn’t do that.


That’s why we decided to make our own photo editor, one that provides all the advance editing functionalities that you need, in a familiar interaction and consistent interface. It’s the only photo editor meant for collage making.

Closing thoughts…

What we shared with you above are not everything that we did for Fuzel 2.0 (the full change log will be available on launch date). We made sure that every changes/additions helps you make incredibly beautiful collages, easily. There was only one goal: take the best collage maker for the iPhone, and make it better.

We greatly enjoy making Fuzel 2.0 for you, so we hope you also look forward to using the app when it is available on the App Store. For more details on Fuzel 2.0, please go to www.fuzelapp.com

Note: Fuzel 2.0 only works on devices running iOS 6.0 and above.