Winners of the Manga Rock MF iPod nano giveaway

Our big congratulation go to Michael Rigonan ! He will receive a brand new iPod nano courtesy of Not A Basement studio!

UPDATE: and our second winner is Touty Pholsena! She will receive a brand new iPod nano from us!

There’s still one more iPod nano to win, and you could be the next lucky winner. The rules are still the same:

Via Twitter:
  • Follow @notabasement on Twitter
  • Tell your friends about the contest, or simply retweet: “Giving away 2 #iPodnano for the launch of #MangaRockMF -free manga app for iPhone. Follow @notabasement & RT to win!”
Via Facebook:

Good luck!



8 thoughts on “Winners of the Manga Rock MF iPod nano giveaway

  1. hi i purchased the install app but i didnt transfer it to my computer then i reformatted the ipod now i have to buy it again? pls fix this or i will have to keep purchasing it

  2. Hi Silly,

    You will not be charged again to unlock the app again. Just press “Unlock” and confirm “Buy now”, key in your iTunes details using the same account that you used to purchased Manga Rock before, the app will let you know that you have bought it already and will allow you to unlock for free.

  3. Hi,
    I wanted to know if you are going to remove viz media manga?
    I will buy this if it will not be removed from Manga Rock

  4. hi i’ve checked the transaction history on my apple itunes store.. i bought both mangarock and mangarockmf.. when i repurchased it i was charged again… no kidding.. the order number or app id was different so it wasnt a free redownload..

    the mangarockmf i bought at $0.99 but when i repurchase it i paid $2.99
    but i paid twice for the mangarock app..

    please clarify with apple because your app is an in-app purchase

    screenshot of the transaction @

  5. There is no manga at all in my mangarock standard. None. What happened? Why dont I have any manga on mangarock? (American btw) is this the thing with viz? Bcuz I didn’t know all of the manga on tht site came frm viz. :/ well this sucks. Please let me no wats going on and what I’m missing because I really love manga rock. Also If there is a problem going on with american manga rock readers, could you announce it on the site, just because it’s easier for fans to know and not get so confused (like me right now) :/ thanks.

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