Confirmed bugs for Manga Rock MF

We have discovered two bugs in the existing version of Manga Rock MF:

  1. Some manga are not being updated to the latest chapters (for example, Fairy Tail). – FIXED
  2. It takes a very long time to update manga, and in some cases, the app will crash. -WORKAROUND: Reset the app from the INFO tab, or delete and reinstall the app.

The reason for the two bugs above were server-related. Manga Rock MF received an overwhelming number of downloads and usage over the last few days, which put a strain on our servers. Luckily, our team was able to quickly solve the problem.

Thank you for your understanding and we apologize for any inconvenience caused.



8 thoughts on “Confirmed bugs for Manga Rock MF

  1. Hi guys, I love the original Manga Rock, it just totally Rocks!!!… Bad pun I know… Anyway, I downloaded and unlocked your new Manga Rock MF. But there are a few big bugs: I Favorate, download and flick though a few manga, last time it was Xxxholic & I downloaded Devil May Cry, but it seems to effect it no matter what manga I chose. Anyway, I can close the app, even remove it from the multi-tasking bar, and for a while all will be the same, but after about less than 2 days, or possibly the second time I load the app and it reloads the catalogue, I find that there is nothing in my favourites and nothing in my resent or nothing in my downloaded. I have deleted the app, re-downloaded it, re-unlocked it, and it still happens, even your tip for it not updating hasn’t helped(the one where you reset it from the info tab)
    Please Please could you guys sort this out. If it helps, I’m using a 3rd Gen IPod Tuchman, that has been updated to the current and latest version Please Help!!!!!!!!!

  2. I purchased mangafox mf and have been reading manga for a few weeks on it. However today when I went to read manga all my downloaded manga is gone and it’s telling me I have to pay to unlock it again. This is very frustrating because I had downloaded a lot of manga that all seems to be gone.

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