COMING SOON: Manga Rock 2

Hi guys, Manga Rock officially turns 2 last week. Together with its siblings Manga Rock MF and Manga Rock Unity, there have been over a million downloads. We couldn’t have been any happier.

Actually, we could.

Over the years, we have received many feedback for Manga Rock apps. Here’s the popular ones:

“I don’t know which one to download. There are 3 separate Manga Rock apps!”
“The apps crash.”
“There are lotsa bugs.”
“App updates are not frequent!”

We have been wanting to address these issues for a while, but due to our limited team size and our involvement in other projects like Fuzel, we just couldn’t. Today, we are excited to let you know that, the new Manga Rock 2 app has been submitted to the App Store for review!

Everything about Manga Rock 2 is new

We have worked hard to make sure that everything about the new Manga Rock 2 surpasses its predecessors: All- new design. Completely rewritten from the ground up. Multiple manga sources. One universal app. A tons of other improvements to make the app runs faster, easier to use.  And it’s also free to download!

We can’t wait to let you guys try it out. Do follow us on Facebook or Twitter to know more about the app and when it launches.

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