Comic Express 1.0 is now available to download!

Hi guys,

Comic Express has been approved by Apple. Now you can download Comic Express with introductory price, only $1.99, in the first launching week (usual $4.99)

Comic Express’s fast import speed,  elegant interface, and the specially-designed viewer will make reading comics on the iPhone and iPad a wonderful and complete experience.

Enjoy your favourite comics with Comic Express and tell us what you think.

Thank you so much.

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19 thoughts on “Comic Express 1.0 is now available to download!

  1. Hey guys, I love your manga rock and manga Unity app (I purchased both).
    Does this one works the same way? is there an interface for easy downloads of the comics?

  2. Sure we won’t, Odran. Comic Express is a comic reader for .zip, .rar, .cbr, and .cbz files from your computer. We’ll keep updating Manga Rock for Manga lovers like you :)

  3. Hi Bibi,
    Thanks for your love for Manga Rock and Manga Unity, which help you read manga from online sources.
    Comic Express isn’t like MR and MU. CE is specially designed for comic files that users download to their computers, then sync to Comic Express App.

  4. Hello Gruk,
    Comic Express 1.0 does not have this feature. However, you can experience this in the next version of CE.

  5. Can we have a YouTube video of you using this please? And how is this different from other files that allows you to read all those files?

  6. Hi i’ve got it but i dont know how to import the comic files. Could you tell me or maybe upload a video on youtube on how to?

    Thnx :D

  7. As a manga and comic lover, I bought the manga unity and I’m willing to buy the comic express, but first I need to know one thing: does it support wi-fi transf? I mean, like ftp.

  8. Hi Minossauro,
    Currently the app only supports wifi transfer through iTunes. Thanks for your suggestion, we’ll consider it for the updated version.

  9. When you say it will have a built in downloader by next patch do you also mean You will be able to provide us a list of comics such as: Marvel?

  10. Hi Frank,
    Please follow these steps:
    - First sync your device to iTunes (through either wifi/wired)
    - Go to the App Tab in the device in iTunes
    - Scroll down to the Files section —> choose Comic Express
    - From there, choose the files you wanna import
    - Sync
    - After it’s done, relaunch Comic Express to import those files

    You may also read the tutorial inside the app.


  11. I downloaded the Comic Express. It’s working fantastically. It works with just about every comic I have right now (all DC).

  12. Aaaah, that’s almost as good as manga unity ! (but let s leave the time to progress :) ).

    For the moment, only annoying thing, the app don’t accentuated (é,è,ù,à …) characters in the comics name. Every time i tried to import one, the ap could import them (went back to “desktop”), I had to delete-reinstall the app.

    But as for manga unity, i’m sure this will have a great follow up so i’ll just wait with comics without accent :).
    (BTW, when i tried, you didn’t have yet comic express in your “email us” form list)

    Thx again for your great apps !

  13. Is there a way to bookmark your place? I can’t find one but maybe I’m missing something. As it is though, reading a long volume is quite aggravating. I’m guessing this is supposed to show up in the recent section, but it isn’t working, at least for me

  14. The app will register the last page seen and display in the “Recent” tab.
    You can’t manually bookmark, unfortunately. But it’s kinda cool, it will show the page itself with the information of it.

    I think they should rename “Recent”. I was using Manga Rock and only figured out that it register the last page seen after a month using it. I tought that “Recent” was for recently added mangas or something like that LOL

    Should be renamed for “Bookmarks” or something more intuitive.

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