Chuppy Jump is available on the App Store. A fun journey awaits!

Hi guys,

This season, Not A Basement Studio gives you a fun and cute Xmas experience – Chuppy Jump, a simple but addicting game.

In Chuppy Jump, you need to help Chuppy decorate the Christmas tree during a power outage.

Featuring a one-tap control, Chuppy needs to jump on 5 different types of leaves with different properties, collecting 6 power-ups, while completing 38 different challenging goals and level up!

Think you can complete all the goals and help Chuppy has an amazing Christmas?

Chuppy Jump is now available on the Apple App Store.


Free version with ad

Paid version

Visit Chuppy:





Enjoy Chuppy Jump, and have a Merry Xmas & Happy New Year!

Not A Basement Studio



13 thoughts on “Chuppy Jump is available on the App Store. A fun journey awaits!

  1. I agree with the above comments. I just had to reset my Manga Rock MF app *again* because it locked up this morning. You could at least give an update of whether you are trying to fix the problems or not. I do not see why a current customer would buy or recommend another app from you if the ones they are using are broken.

  2. Hi Oppa, Cass and Jasujo,

    I am D. Nguyen from Not A Basement Studio.

    Firstly, I deeply sorry for your inconveniences caused in version 2.6 of Manga Rock and Manga Rock MF. FYI, once we released these apps, 2 host websites, Mangafox and Mangareader, have changed their manga database dramatically. This results in many bugs in version 2.6.

    Second, version 2.6.1 has been submitted to Apple for review. It will take about 4-5 days to get apporved. I will let you know soon.

    Again, my deepest apology for version 2.6.


    D. Nguyen
    Not A Basement Studio

  3. I want to know what happened to Unity to. I ‘ve sent an email to them last week, but no response yet. It is not in the app store anymore!!!!

  4. Do not download the new manga rock updates it crashes everytime you attempt to open it. My MF Rock app is crashed everytime attempted to open. I assume it’s the same for the reg. Manga rock app so not downloading.

  5. Had the same problem as reilley. The app (both manga rock mf and manga rock) crashes as i try to open them thus unabling me to read manga on my ipod ):

  6. I can confirm the above two statements that mr mf and mr apps do infact crash upon boot every single time, no exceptions. Thankfully I still had backups of both aps on my PC via iTunes thay was 2.6. They work fine still and I’m so glad I had em.

    Please adress this weird issue.

    P.S. Chuppy Jump is fun ;)

  7. About Komik Connect, how does it manage its size ? It seems to keep on growing and there is no option to delete the downloaded chapters.

    Except from that I really like this app.

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