Manga Rock and Manga Rock MF 2.2 are available for download!

Grab the updates of both apps here: Manga Rock and Manga Rock MF.

Below is the full changelog of version 2.2:

New and more powerful Search (iPad version) 

  • Search by Author
  • Search by manga chapter

New chapter indicator (iPhone and iPad version)

  • Add a little tag “New” next to new manga chapter

Various bug fixes: including the critical one that make Manga Rock crashed and swipe out all user’s info (Recent, Favorite, Downloaded)


In the last few days, we are very excited about the coming iOS 5 with new push-notification, iCloud, and many other cool stuffs. Please share your take on iOS 5 and how we can improve Manga Rock further.

You can either drop us an email to or post a comment on our Facebook and Twitter.

Lastly, we will submit Komik Connect version 1.1 next week. Thank all for your great support and patience. More info on Komik Connect will be updated soon.