BUG in Manga Rock MF 1.0

A bug was discovered in Manga Rock MF 1.0:

If your device’s language setting is anything other than English, Manga Rock MF will not be able to populate the catalog. In order to populate the library, please set the device’s language to English by going to Settings –> General –> International –> Language —> English.

Thank you to Aaron Tang for telling us about this bug.



2 thoughts on “BUG in Manga Rock MF 1.0

  1. OMFG!!!!!
    THANK YOU!!!!!
    I’ve been trying to get it to work for ages now!
    And I finally got it to work by setting it on english!!!
    Now I can finally start reading some more manga in my free time
    You guys rock!!!
    And thanks to Aaron Tang for finding the bug!

    btw my language was set to dutch

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