A small hiccup [Manga Rock 1.4]

UPDATE: We have COMPLETELY finished fixing the problems. Everything should works normally again. Thank you for your patience and we apologize for any inconvenience caused.

All chapters that have pages from the manga “Saint Seiya”  or black/blank pages can now be fixed by:

  • Letting the chapter finished loading
  • Deleting the affected chapter from downloaded
  • Redownloading said chapter again, either online or using download manager, it should now be the correct manga.

Manga that did not get updated (one chapter short compared to mangable.com) now can be updated using either one of the following methods:

  • Do nothing and wait until next week when said manga gets updated, both this week and next week chapters will show up.
  • Reset the catalog, you will lose all of your downloaded manga, but everything will be updated and work correctly.

ORIGINAL: Manga Rock is currently experiencing some server problems, and you might encounter one of the following issues:

  • Chapters that are updated in the last day and a half will be completely black image.
  • Chapters that are updated in the last day and a half will belong to some other manga [Update: name of the manga is "Saint Seiya"] instead of the manga you’re trying to browse.
  • Some manga does not show updates.[UPDATE: THIS BUG NOW HAS BEEN FIXED]

You can still carry on reading as normal for those manga/chapters that did not get affected by the issues mentioned above. Our team is currently fixing it, the whole process should take approximate a few hours. We will update the status on this post regularly, stay tuned for more info. We apologize for the inconvenience caused.



10 thoughts on “A small hiccup [Manga Rock 1.4]

  1. I also ran into an issue where every page in the chapter is downloaded twice, namely a chapter around number 30 of Hoshi no Samidare (aka The Lucifer and Bisquit Hammer)

  2. @Uppfinnarn: I just tried and didn’t encountered the problem you just described, maybe our devs have “accidentally” fixed it in the process. Can you try deleting the affected chapter from downloaded and try re-downloading that chapter to see if the issue persists? Thanks.

  3. Hi, the issue I’m encountering is an incessant pop-up window which kept urging me to update my OS. Many a times, this I immediately followed by the crashing of the app.
    The device I’m using is iTouch generation 1. Thus, there’s no way for me to upgrade my OS any further. Is there any way to stop the message from popping up ever again? Thx :)

  4. Hi, I encountered that problem with nearly every single Naruto chapter I downloaded. I deleted and redownloaded them quite a number of times…but then, most of them were still missing a number of pages….it happened for every other chapter…why isn’t it working?…I hope you guys come with a fix

  5. Sorry to trouble you :P but manga for me is downloading rreeeaaalllyyyy slowly, I’ve deleted all my downloaded manga and I’m using very little space on my iPod so I’m wondering if it might be the app itself, is it a know problem or just me?

  6. @migi Just want to say that I’m experiencing the same slowness problem + the app crashes almost everytimeni tried adding chapters to download. Would appreciate some solutions/ advice, thanks :)

  7. hi! just bought the app coz it has manga i like such as bakuman. ive been downloadin the first chp of it for 15 mins now and its only downloaded 5 out of 57 pages. is that normal. i thought it was my connection but it shows wifi full bar. any suggestions to make it download a bit quicker.i dont no u see coz i only just got it

  8. @jrbz:
    no, it’s not normal for a chap to load only a pg after 15min.
    sometimes the chapter may hav finished DLing but us not reflected as so. Thus, i would 1st check under the Downloaded tab to c if the chapter has finished loading.

    Another possibility would b the DLing have hung 1/2way thru. In this case, I’d try 2 things:
    1) close the app by pressing on e Home button. Wait a while b4 reopening it an check if e chapter’ll start/cont DLing.
    2) if not, cancel all the chapters u hav added to e DL list, then
    a) readd the chapters for DL
    B) exit app, wait a while, reenter and add chapter to reDL..
    3) upgrade ur iOS to the latest version, as anything earlier than iOS4 seems to be unstable with this app..

    Hope this helps :)

  9. ill take ur advice mate. as soon as i left that reply downloadin A chp took 7 hrs so there was definitely something wrong. then all of a sudden after i got home from school, the app was downloadin chps at a good pace compared to before hand so im really happy now. it crashes sometimes and updatin catalogue can take some time but overall i really like the app. one question… the manga fox website has now got one piece and the other two up again so i was wonderin, does that mean that the manga rock MF app would have them as well? i can still get them on the original app anyways.

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